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#Verbatim is a web log (blog) owned, ran and written by "Howard the Duck" (or "Drahow ein Ente" in Pinoyexchange; or HTDEE), which is not connected to, but is named after, the comic book character. The blog has nothing to do with the said comic book character, nor its creators and owners.

Any photographs, videos, artwork, or any other content that is not solely created by the author is the property of their respective authors. If I've used your work without your attribution, contact me to rectify the situation, either be crediting you, or by removing it outright. I strive to make sure that all of the information that is posted here is true and correct; if there is anything that is otherwise, please contact me so as to rectify the situation.

While this blog does not have adult content, nor is it an adult blog, the posts may contain themes which are not suitable for children.

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