November 9, 2014

2014-15 PBA Philippine Cup standings and magic numbers

You guys know the drill. If you don't, check out what magic numbers are, see this.TL;DR: The magic number is the number of wins a team has to earn for them to qualify; the "tragic" number is the number of losses the team has to get before it is eliminated.

First, a primer of the format. The elimination round is quite simple. Twelve teams, eleven games per team, and they'd face each other once. Top ten teams advance to the playoffs, top two teams advance to the semifinals outright, then the eight other teams figure in the quarterfinals with the higher seeds have the twice-to-beat advantage.

Then this is where it gets blurry. According to Snow Badua's article that has been used as the basis for all of the news articles about the format, the quarterfinal winners advance to the best-of-seven semifinals. So there are already 2 semifinalists, then 4 more from the quarterfinals, you'd get three semifinals series since there are six teams. Wait, what?

Ah, whatever. Let the PBA clear that up once people take notice. Either way, the road to the playoffs is quite clear. Top 2, semifinals; next 4, twice-to-beat in the quarterfinals; next 4, twice-to-win quarterfinals; bottom two, eliminated.

Rain or Shine92.818--INININ
San Miguel82.8000.51ININ
Talk 'N Text83.7271.01ININ
Barako Bull46.4004.5OUTOUTIN
Key: SF: outright semifinals berth; QF+: twice-to-beat in the quarterfinals; QF-: twice-to-win in the quarterfinals; green number: magic number; red number: tragic number.

Note: Previous versions of this article had teams playing 10 elimination round games. This has since been corrected to 11 games.

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