May 7, 2005

Happy Mother's Day... Not

Happy Mother’s Day… Not

People are always inventing holidays, especially secular “non-religious” holidays. There is Independence Day, National Heroes’ Day and acts of heroism day (Armstice Day, Cinco de Mayo or Araw ng Kagitingan). Even supposedly religious holidays are fast becoming non-secular. Take Christmas for examples, some U.S. states prohibit the display of Christmas décor in government property.

Then comes Mother’s Day. Now don’t get me wrong. I love my mom, and everybody else’s mom, but are we losing grasp of what Mother’s Day is?

First, lets look at the time of the year Mother’s Day is celebrated. Its on the second Sunday of May (actually in other countries, it’s between March and May). Haven’t you noticed that there is revenue-generating holiday after Easter? (Labor Day is a holiday but entrepreneurs actually lose money on that day). The next “revenue generating” holiday is (gasp!) Father’s Day, then Fourth of July. So the entrepreneurs actually have to earn money or else they’ll go kaput. And oh, it’s a Sunday so there are no labor disruptions, unless you work every Sunday.

Just like Christmas, Mother’s Day is the time of the year capitalists earns big money. Imagine the people who’ll try to please their mom by buying them the most fancy of gifts. Or treating their mom to some fancy (how I love that word) restaurant. Love is really in the air, or is the smell of money and the sound of cash registers?

Moms deserve recognition, but the recognition that we are doing on Mother’s Day is unbecoming of being sons and daughters. Moms don’t need more gifts they need more love. Yes, gifts symbolize love but some of us give gifts just for the purpose of celebrating Mother’s Day. We have lost the true meaning of Mother’s Day (just like Christmas).

Love can be expressed by not giving gifts. That is the highest form of love any person can give to anyone. Unconditional and “un-financial” love.

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