November 16, 2008

Ten TV spin-offs TPTB should do

Ever wondered that instead of Joey from Friends having a spin-off show, they instead got Rachel and/or her hair? Or instead of watching the Knicks we had the Stephon Adventures at the Therapy Clinic Show?

10. Grope Factor: Where the people who set-up the challenges in "Fear Factor" randomly grope the contestants.
9. Metropolis: Chloe and Clark go to Metropolis and ditch Smallville. For good.
8. The Odd Jobs of John Casey: The crazy jobs John Casey from Chuck did as a spy. More focus on him as a club DJ. Hah.
7. CSI: Purgatory: Warrick Brown solving cases in purgatory.
6. Speidi-man: Spencer and Heidi true lurve outside the Hills.
5. Bucky Kentucky: Hannah Montana's brother must have a life too!
4. Anti-Heroes: Where Peter Petrelli gets to be killed every episode. Awesome.
3. 785: The adventures of Annie Wilson in Kansas! Lotsa sunflowers!
2. 2.4: Kim Bauer gets to be kidnapped by lesbian terrorists while swimming in the beach in a skimpy bikini; every episode is 2.4 hours of torture.
1. The Anti-Gilmore Girls: Julie and Kaitlin Cooper take on Stars Hollow the O.C. style.

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