December 25, 2008

MMVIII: Movies that will make Uncle Oscar proud

MMVIII: A lot has happened to the world in 2008, and in keeping up with the tradition on this blog (Yes, there is tradition on this blog), I'm expanding the year-end lists to include movies, TV shows and music that defined 2008.

So what were the movies that made 2008 oh so memorable?

10. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Ah, is it just my pretty girl bias or does every conyo kid yell "FOR NARNIAAAAAAAA" everytime I see them? Oh Susan, you can shoot arrows to my heart.

9. Iron Man

Ever watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? Where Robert Downey, Jr. saved a damsel in distress and it all was like a sick dream or something? Same here. Actually, no, but whatever.

8. Camp Rock

It took me a long time to figure out why the Jonas Brothers were popular. Now I know, because of Demi Lovato! Ha, just my pretty-toothy girl bias again. But really, why are they popular again?

7. A Very Special Love

No, this is not my pretty girl bias. I just felt I'm obligated to reserve at least two local flicks here, and what better movie to represent the local movie industry with this one: it has more cheese than Cheeze Whiz.
(I guess you know what would be the other local movie would be.)

6. Sex and the City

My lawyers advised me not to comment anything about this movie. Really.

5. Quantum of Solace

Two things: Why does Bond look too old, and why does the Bond Girl remind me of the phrase "epic fail"? Heck, she's hot anyway so...

4. High School Musical 3: Senior Year

The end of one of the greatest franchises in movie history not named Scooby Doo had arrived. We won't be seeing Gabriella, Sharpay, Kelsi and the dudes of East High, and the Wildcats team that can give the Tree Hill Ravens a severe beatdown. Especially with the Zac dude, he can guard Nathan Scott like glue loves a clean sheet of paper.
P.S.: I just realized I like the frame YouTube used for the preview. Hahaha.

3. The Dark Knight

If it weren't for one of the Olsen trolls being too smashed not to answer her phone, this film would not have been #2, but maybe #11. Or something. I'm just joking.

2. Twilight

Rob Pattinson! *squee!* KStew! *squee!* Edward+Bella! *squee!* He killed Marissa! *squeeeeeestah!*
Are they done yet? No, of course!
Rayver! *squee!* Shaina! *squee!* Heck, even Perez Hilton is so in love with Rayver Cruz, he threw up like a girl with a hang-over the morning after.

1. My Best Friend's Girlfriend

For some reason, our #1 movie doesn't have a trailer posted at YouTube, which pretty much shows how pathetic this list is. However, if the #2 movie has fangirls squeeing at every word uttered in the movie, fangirls, fangays and fanboys, yes fanboys, were squeeing and panting at every syllable spoken at this movie. Other moviegoers sighed with relief once it was over.


  1. you have a stupid taste for movies.

  2. you don't know how to write sarcasm. that's the difference.

  3. You don't know how to read sarcasm? :O


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