April 16, 2009

The craziest thread titles in PinoyExchange's IMTV forum

The ten threads you should be flocking to. Not the crazy NBA forum, or to the Hoops forums nobody cares about. But those LMTV threads sure take the cake (see #3).

Note: Only includes threads with replies within the last month, excluding continuation threads (too many fangirls squeeing/fanboys drooling) and off-topic threads (Be like Prince William: Learn Swahili in three days!). That's just like 356 threads of corniness.

10. •BreakingDawn•-"I love you""I wispered"'You are in my life now"~zone1
You should realize that I have to include a Twilight related thread here.

9. AI8 | ADAM LAMBERT | Blood of A True Rockstar!
Hey, if Miley Cyrus can be a rockstar, why can't this AI8 contestant be one too?

8. ms. Jennifer Aniston - America's Sweetheart thread IV
I thought prefixing "Miss" to an actress's name only applies in the Philippines. Like Ms. Vilma Santos, Ms. Judy Ann Santos, heck Ms. Kris Aquino.

7. ASHLEY TISDALE LIKES HER SELF ♥ thread 1 [ashleytics]
Didn't realize the Tiz was such a narcissist.

6. The Adorkable Anoop Desai [Home of the Desai'ples Thread II]
The thread is not about dorks, or pies, but is about AI8's Anoop. The UNC fanboy.

5. =Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens= ♥♥ZaNessa Love♥♥ HSM Sweeties- Just Wanna Be With You
This reminds me of two songs: "It's Gonna Be Me" and "I Wanna Be With You". Well, another Mandy Moore song but I won't say lest I get to be labeled as a Mandy fanboy. Heh.

4. Cook | Archuleta LIVE in the Philippines!
OhMyGosh, I'm not spending my lunch money for this!

3. Korean/JPN/TW Film/TV Etc. 6 - Home of D' Ulzzangs, Asian Idols, Boylets & Pedokrases
I am assuming this thread is about Asian telenovelas. Or something like that. Must be the few places the LMTV peeps hang out at the IMTV forum. (Full disclosure: I didn't include other Asianovela threads since they'll take the cake, see below).

2. American Idol 8's KRATT: It Is The New CAKE!!!
If you thought only fanboys had lesbian fantasies of girls doing it, you are terribly mistaken.

1. •Nessasters: Vanessa Hudgens • A Wish Upon A star • zone 01•
Yes, dad. Vanessa Hudgens fans call themselves "Nessasters." It's like disasters but hairier. And with less Zac Efron.

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