July 14, 2009

Can't watch live? Go courtside!

Ah, such are the truths of life. You can't get tickets for college basketball games. Either La Salle hoards them or Ateneans buy them all, even at the opponents' school section.

But don't despair! Watching on TV isn't that bad, even though you can see Boom Gonzalez's really hot face on high-definition television. Thanks to our cute and hot courtside reporters, we can get into the action, without really understanding what they are saying, because we are transfixed to their cuteness, or we forgot to unmute due to Boom's babbling.

So we welcome the newest and freshest faces on TV, as we say goodbye to such cuties such as Andi Manzano, Alexis Go, Sharon Yu, Chinie Canivel, Dimples Romana, Tracy Abad, Aica Llave, Gretchen Fullido, Lia Cruz, (and real old school now) Pia Arcangel and George Rocha; and have to let go such awesome dudes like that Beau "Beau Knows" Canlas, and that NU "We need defense" guy. At least the NCAA has the not-self-proclaimed basketball expert named Andrei Felix.

And yes, before I forget, my favorite courtside reporter of all-time is Rheena Villamor, since I got to meet her. So cute. And petite.

10. Rizza Diaz, reporting for EAC
If there is a veteran on the courtside reporting scene, it's Rizza who can now finally report for her alma mater EAC in the big leagues; she previously reported for Solar Sports' coverage of the WNCAA, and at ABS-CBN Sports for NU.

9. Pach Cansana, reporting for UST
If it wasn't for her, I would've cursed a lot more on those unfortunate incidents at the UST-Adamson game.

8. Fairylene Sy, reporting for UPHSD
A holdover from last season, and you can probably see why. And cute name too. Fairies!
(Credit to Rafiboy_05 of PinoyExchange for the surname.)

7. Erin Torrejon, reporting for La Salle
Who cares about bad reporting when you can just stare at her?

6. Marcia Cruz, reporting for Mapua
We'd have to thank Bill Clinton for bringing interns into the world. First they were the no-pay slaves but thanks to Bill, we now appreciate them as hotties who'd make us forget our fourth-grade civics class. And what better intern for us to see than La Salle UST's Marcia Cruz who is now reporting for that technical school in Muralla. And yes, nice hair on her too.

5. Maan Panganiban, reporting for NU
They say volleybelles have a great pair of pins, and she sure has some pretty nice pins!

4. Riki Flores, reporting for UP
To requote what I said earlier, who cares about a bad team when you can just stare at her?

3. Kryzelle O'Connor, reporting for FEU
To quote a Sinead O'Connor song, "Nothing compares to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu". Well, except for the next two girls.

2. Michelle Mediana, reporting for AUF
She's a UP student reporting for AUF, so I can't say the "Angeles girls are hot" stereotype.

1. Jessica Mendoza, reporting for Ateneo
With Andi-9 gone, we thought the fanboy community was shattered with no more cuties on the UAAP panel, but lo and behold, ABS-CBN Sports made sure they will satisfy the whims of one demographic they can't afford to lose, so they hired Andi's partner!

Jessica, Andi's partner in Magic 89.9's "Top 5 at 5" radio program is now on HDTV! Yes! Those HD boxes won't go to waste! Those HD owners finally heaved a sigh of relief, thanks to the ever cute Jessica!

And for that, we are forever grateful to ABS-CBN Sports... on second thought, not that much since they made Boom as their flagship play-by-play guy. Or whatever.

As a gift to all Jessica fans, here's her first stint on national HDTV:

LOL on that epic fail by the FEU cheerleader front and center towards the end of the clip.


  1. Is this the Top 10 hottest reporters list? Nice one! I'll die for her

  2. I was thinking nga after nung first day! Ibalik sina Sharon Yu, KAmae de Jesus, Alexis Go and company.

    Well, thank you, nandiyan pa rin si Jessica. hehe

  3. Marcia Cruz is from UST.

  4. Kaya pala hindi ka na nagpopost sa ust.net hehe
    Anyway nice piece of writing, bro

  5. @anon Corrected.
    @tiger power Wala naman kasing mag nagpopost doon. Nakakatamad ang walang kausap. LOL.

  6. overrated. i'd take the season 71 reporters any day. esp the charmed ones kamae sharon and alexis

  7. Correction. It's Fairylene Sy.

    I also miss Sharon, Alexis, Lia, Gretchen. But you forgot to mention Kamae de Jesus (Ateneo) and Krystel Filart (FEU). They were also pretty and hot.

  8. I miss Sev Sarmenta covering the UAAP. But he's much better off with the PBA.

  9. Sir ginaya ko ung list mo ah. Pinost ko ung link mo kaso broken link prti at d ko maayos eh. Sana ok lng sainyo. Bisita kayo sa site namen driball.blogspot.com. Tnx!


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