July 26, 2009

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A phantom kick, a melee, a few cuts and bruises, and a wanna-be Ron Artest later, we all knew which is the game of the week. And it was not Friday's 2PM game.

And remember Khasim Mirza posterizing Nico Salva last week? Guess what, Salva, still looking for some more, was brought to school by Kobe Bryant. Maybe Kobe didn't want to experience what LeBron did when some random high school dunked over him. Like Andy Barocca's face, Kobe would've been scared.

10. CSB Blazers
Let's face it, the reason they're here is that they've beaten a Perps team, and that was the Perps team with Raffy Ynion playing. It turns out Ynion wasn't injured by the AUF dawgs, but by his new shoes. New shoes? Maybe crappy socks. Don't be like Pac-Man and stick to one... pair.

9. Letran Knights
Dunno where the Knights fell short, wait now I know. They forgot to guard Garvo Lanete.

8. La Salle Green Archers
Finally the boys in green and white debuts in this top 10. After a winless first two weeks, they have an undefeated week 3 on teams such as UP and Adamson, and both were even relatively close. Hey, at least Gang Green is well and alive again, and they didn't gave up that lame "thanks for winning against our rookies" excuse this week.

7. UP Fighting Maroons
OMFG. Remember what I told a few weeks ago to live up to the hype? They burned down the most-hyped team in the UAAP since the 2003 blue and white team and the rest of world noticed.

6. UST Growling Tigers
Haters were saying the reason why they started 2-0 was due to inferior opposition, and after Ateneo's trashing, they're back to old ways, but no, the boys from Espana made sure the haters ate their words. And munched them too.

5. FEU Tamaraws
The well-oiled green and gold machine is revved up and it seems that only the Ateneans can stop them. Or maybe UP too. Hah.

4. JRU Heavy Bombers
Still their "Big 3" of Hayes, Sena and Wilson are the ones carrying the cudgels for the Kalentong Boys. The thing is what if these three fail to show up, who among from the bench will step up?

3. San Beda Red Lions
Despite a big win over Letran this week, their weaknesses were shown with the Knights playing San Beda's uptempo game, with only the Man from Basilan preventing the Knights from pulling away early in the game. Good thing their L.A. mercenaries sustained the energy during the second half. And one of them even had a "phantom" kick that kicked-off festivities as time expired. And wasn't it great that Ron Artest is now a Laker? He sure has fans from the Letran team. (who can be also considered as a "mercenary" but that's another story.)

2. Ateneo Blue Eagles
Since UP won vs. "the" Ateneo, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo declares Monday to have classes. Since she's so pissed.

1. San Sebastian Stags
Are the good times back in the U-Belt? Are the Stags for real? Their clash against potentially undefeated JRU Heavy Bombers two weeks from now will partly answer this question, plus their first round finale against arch-rivals Letran will be the two games that hoops junkies must watch.

Bubbling under:
UE Red Warriors (2-2): Is James Martinez that important to them they failed to beat UST? Have they lost their swagger?
EAC Generals (1-4): Coach Nomar Isla and his boys felt they won a championship. Since they won their first NCAA game, against last year's #4 seed Mapua, and in front of KDP. And the Yaya brothers aren't losers anymore! Yay!!!!
Adamson Falcons (1-3): They did lose twice this week, but they went down fighting. If the Falcons catch a break, they can make a push for the last Final 4 slot. And yes, Lester Alvarez is making sure Adamson got him for all of the right reasons.

Player of the week: San Beda's Garvo Lanete. Lanete kept the Red Lions afloat as the Knights were pushing early in their game. Without him, San Beda might've absorbed loss #2.

High school monthly Top 10:
  1. Letran Squires
  2. La Salle Junior Archers
  3. UST Tiger Cubs
  4. San Beda Red Cubs
  5. JRU Light Bombers
  6. San Sebastian Staglets
  7. UE Junior Warriors
  8. LSGH Greenies
  9. FEU-FERN Baby Tamaraws
  10. Ateneo Blue Eaglets

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