August 5, 2009

Pics at President Cory's wake

Here are some pics I snapped while waiting in line to the Manila Cathedral:
Line at President Aquino's wake. The line actually goes a lot... on Twitpic Flag at half-mast at the Martial Law Memorial Wall. Manila Ci... on Twitpic Manila Cathedral during President Aquino's wake. on Twitpic Cameraman near the cathedral. If you see a GMA-7 report sayin... on Twitpic
On the first thumbnail, you can't see the Manila Cathedral's dome. You'd have to see the full pic to see it clearly.

I spent quite an amount of time looking for the end of the line. I saw the facade of the Manila Cathedral, wet from the rains, lots of TV crew vans parked on the side. On front of the COMELEC building, a fire truck has its ladders extended, carrying a large "Thank you President Cory" tarp. I snaked my way into General Luna street. The line was long, and it rained.

The line ended in front of the PLM campus at around 1:30 p.m. By then vendors were hawking their wares, from mineral water, ice candy, softdrinks, yellow umbrellas, yellow ribbons, Cory pins, yellow T-shirts, etc. The three lady government employees asked me to take them a picture, and I gladly obliged. In front of the old Capuchin seminary, cars of the ambassadors from Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Argentina and Turkey were seen speeding away. A few minutes later, Adel Tamano was mobbed by squeeing fangirls.

The line proceeded ever so slowly, with the rain and the sun fighting like they are attention whores. By the time we were at Plaza San Luis, Asia Brewery was distributing free mineral water. And of course, the trash boys lay in wait for you to give them your empty mineral water bottles.

By the time I was at Tamayo's catering, I had to leave so sadly I wasn't able to see President Cory. Yet the experience of waiting in line was enough for me to experience on how President Cory's life affected the lives of people. By the time I reached where I came from at around 5:30 p.m., the line was a lot longer, it has now encircled the PLM campus.

President Cory must be glad, the Filipino people really love her. They even waited for hours, in heat and in rain just to see her one last time. I am envious of the people who made it, since they saw a glimpse of her one last time.

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