December 31, 2007

Top 10 stupidest events of 2007

As we close out 2007, I reckoned to do what everyone else does, make their top 10 yearender lists. Very original.

10. Kobe crying for a trade when LeeeeeBron* James wrecks havoc on court.
In retrospect, if Kobe got traded to the Bulls, perhaps Scott Skiles wasn't fired.

9. Trying to cry while pinching your eyes.
It sure hurts but it won't make you cry that naturally.

And do you expect me to believe you? Ha!

8. K-Fed wrestling John Cena
Come on, Cena is great. He's better than Hogan, the Rock, Stone Cold, and all of the WWE roster combined. Even include Vinnie Mac. Cena will make mincemeat out of K-Fed.

I mean it.

7. Michael Vick's dogfights
Yes throw away everything to see dogs beat the living hell out of each other (and I mean the living hell). Then eat them for dinner. Yummy.

6. Typhoon Mina can't make up her mind
Hey at least she spared a place that has seen enough of tropical disturbances.

5. "Nothing will happen at 3 o'clock"
Yeah sure did. But something did happen 45 minutes after.

4. Jamie Lynn's not overprotected enough
Perhaps she was singing "Gimme More" when she was doing the deed.

3. Marc Nelson running at the Amazing Race Asia
He can't run for Pete's sake.

2. Manny Pacquiao running for Congressman.
Meesteer Speekir, I moob dat di nominasyun bi klosed.

1. Manny Pacquiao having his own TV show
Heck even Chris Tiu can't save the show as well as he saved the Eagles from elimination...

*BBC pronunciation. They also call Amare "Stoodamire".

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