May 17, 2010

Meet me halfway: NBA Playoffs mid-point

It's the Conference Finals and you know what that means: We are past two rounds of the playoffs and are at the halfway point. So what better way to celebrate than by having a totally random Top 10 list? Thanks, Dave.

#10: Brandon Jennings
So why did not get into college and why did he have bad stats in Europe???

#9: Suns shining brightly
This the Suns' best chance since like forever. Suns-Celtics to relive the Greatest Game Ever Played?

#8: What do they put in the water in Denver?
First, the head coach got cancer, then the assistan has kidney stones. Now the Nuggz are eliminated. Chauncey is pissed.

#7: D-Wade needs help
Maybe he can sign some Dolphins linebackers to scare the hell out of the opponent when he drives to the basket.

#6: Mavs first round woes
Hollinger was right. Mavs suck. LeBron we need you.

#5: The Truth: When we're healthy, we'd win
Thw Truth certainly speaks the truth. Just like when he said he twitched his knee in the 2008 Finals. The Celtics trainer must give puppy kibbles to the players to make them healthy.

#4: Magic's "Fo, fo..."
Once thing's sure: the Magic won't go 16-0 in the playoffs with an arse-raping against the Celtics.

#3: LeBron loses, again
Lakers fanboys the world over got so happy when the Celtics eliminated the Cavs in the semifinal for the second year running. Despite legit backup, LeBron failed to lead his team back at least to the Conference Finals. They did even better in 2007 when they had Boobie Gibson as their starting PG.

#2: Thunder made impact.
Kevin Durant had a baptism of fire, but he responded like a a priest becoming a bishop: like a time-tested pro. He and the Thunder, which never made any major moves, made sue the Lakers won't get in easy.

#1: Teh Playoffs were boring.
Like seriously, sweeps in the Conference Semifinals, blowouts by the Orlando Magic, then they got blew out. Even Lakers games are predictable even it went the last shot: they'd still win.

Like seriously, hockey's better. #8 vs. #7 in the Conference Finals? Red Wings eliminated? And Hossa still in the playoffs only to cry at the end? This year's Stanley Cup Playoffs is epic.

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