May 5, 2010

On colonial mentality mindedness

I tweeted "You know there is a recession when you see Charice in TOTAL GIRL magazine." (See the cover here.) Then someone replied that Charice is talented. Then, I told the person Charice is not pretty enough to be in Total Girl magazine. Then, the person replied that I have "colonial mentality", then things got out of hand.

You can read the rest of the discussion on my Twitter (it is on the public timeline so everyone can see it), so let's just settle the issue:

Note: Someone voted 52 times for "yes". As such, duplicate votes for "yes" have been removed.

Poll will run until June 12. Every vote cast goes to my Google AdSense account. LOL.

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  1. What a piece of crap! Just by saying that "You know there is a recession when you see Charice in Total Girl magazine." Wow! Nice for looking down on the one person from the Philippines who have helped put the country on the map. She's on the cover of Total Girl magazine, because she deserves to be. She is not only pretty, but very talented, very down-to-earth, very strong in her convictions, is very respectful, confident in who she is and what she is not, etc. etc. In other words, a very good role model for teens and girls. Thanks God that here is a magazine that actually thinks about who they put on the cover! Btw, I think that your notion of beauty is very, very shallow.

  2. I agree, saying something like that "You know there is a recession...." - does have sort of a colonial mentality in it. It's like saying that, foreign artists are better or prettier so they can be cover of the magazine. And that having a very Filipina girl on the cover is cheap or baduy of them. It's like the disturbing trend there nowadays, of Brazilian/Foreign models getting more work than their local counterparts. Or mostly half foreign blooded or mixed blooded artistas (nevermind if the talent is scarce), featured in t.v. shows and what not. Did you ever think that, Charice is on that cover of TGM Philippines, because she highly (and I said highly) deserves to be? Why, do magazines there still have to explain - why a "very" Filipina girl is on the cover? And btw, yes she is very pretty to me and I'm British, American, Filipina myself (Sorry, I put that there because it seems to mean something in the Philippines and underline what I'm talking about).
    Janey Smith

  3. Friends, satire is hard to read through the lines. I just satirized Justin Bieber today TWICE and nobody told me I hate white people.

  4. Nakakahiya lang na pinoy pa ang nagsabi na hindi pang cover ng magazine si Charice! Nakakahiya lang na isa pang Ellen, Oprah, David Foster - mga foreigners ang nagbilib sa talento ni Charice at nagtulong sa kanya. Katulad din ng - nakakahiya lang na hindi napansin ang talento ng isang Arnel Pineda. Isa pang international legendary band Journey, ang nakapansin. Yes, nakakahiya lang ang tendency ng "colonial mentality" ng ibang pinoys. Nakakahiya lang na hindi rin nila alam na nag "colonial mentality" na pala sila.
    Ringo Baldegamo

    p.s. Sorry for the typos, trying to write in Tagalog is hard if you were born abroad. thanks!


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