July 25, 2010

Week 3 Top 10: Tams are not 5-0

For some reason, our friends from Inboundpass screwed up, saying the FEU Tamaraws are now 5-0. Yeah, even I screw up, tons of times. But no one visits this blog so it's OK.

On with the show.

But first, a minor problem. (Hey I thought you said "On with the show"? What's up with this?)

The NCAA has nine teams. They play four times a week. That means, only eight teams play, and at least one team is having a week off. That is, if a team plays twice a week, or a gameday is suspended, then the whole schedule is thrown into chaos.

Why is this important? In making a "top 10," at least 5 teams per league (NCAA and UAAP) must win in a week. In the current scheme of things, a maximum four teams can win per week, that means I have to give a spot for an NCAA team that lost. But if all games in a week were blowouts then I'd get someone from the UAAP, and that usually means I'd get a losing team too. So it's hard. And it sucks. But that's life. Screw you ABS-CBN. And Boom Gonzalez. Yeah, I really have to say that.

1. FEU Tamaraws (4-0, defeated UE 91-81, and UP 94-70)
The Tamaraws had a scare on the third quarter on their game against archrivals UE, with Paul Lee reliving last year's semifinals with outrageous treys, but the Tams held on for the win, and made UP join UE at the cellar with a drubbing.

2. San Beda (4-0, defeated Letran 77-60)
Bedans must be God-like for Louie Alas to remark "Parehas lang kayong tao" during one of his time outs. San Beda's PBA-caliber frontline fuels their run-and-gun game. Grab the boards, throw the outlet pass and score. It pays also to work on those circus shots in practice once the transition defense gets in the way.

3. La Salle (3-1, defeated Ateneo 66-63)
You know Ateneo is in trouble when Kirk "ZOMG did I just hit that" Long and Emann "ZOMG I'm still in Team A" Monfort is out of the game. Marata scored when needed, and Ferdinand made it exciting for the neutrals.

4. San Sebastian (4-0, defeated Mapua 68-49)
Haven't seen the game, but Baste must've been so good it made the floods in Intramuros that day felt a little deeper.

5. JRU (4-1, defeated CSB 74-65)
The Heavy Bombers struck off the third undefeated team in the NCAA. Richard del Rosario is not happy.

6. Ateneo (2-2, defeated by La Salle 66-63)
I daresay La Salle scored a chamba on that one. Too bad chambas do count. Ateneo needs a go-to-guy or else they'll see Justin Chua shooting Hail Mary's from the 50-yard line in order to send a game into OT.

7. Adamson (3-1, defeated UST 75-71)
For some reason, Leo Austria must not know the names of his players (he calls his point guard as "point guard") but either way it worked as they safely inbounded the ball against UST during the dying seconds to secure a morale-boosting win.

8. NU (2-2, defeated UE 70-63)
The 'Dogs are out and, with cash coming from your nearest SM mall, the 'Dogs are out to erase the stigma that they are the bonus team.

9. UST (2-2, defeated UP in OT 87-81, defeated by Adamson 75-71)
Pido must've spent a lot of time drilling Jeric Fortuna into a marksman, but it'll take more than that for UST to surpass their season quota of 2 wins.

10. UP (0-4, defeated by UST in OT 87-81, and by FEU 94-70)
So what the heck is a winless team doing in here? Hey at least they almost won one game, unlike the other beaten teams (with wins or otherwise) this week.

The queue:
11. Arellano (2-3, defeated UPHSD 86-67): Why are they not in the Top 10? Because they beat a team that still has to win something?
12. CSB (1-1, defeated by JRU 74-65): Among the losers, they had the bMaest point differential.
13. Mapua (2-2, defeated by San Sebastian 68-49): At least they were beaten by an unbeaten team.
14. Letran (1-3, defeated by San Beda 77-60): Ditto, but the loss should've been more pathetic than Mapua's.
15. UE (0-4, defeated by FEU 91-81, and by NU 70-63): Something is wrong at Recto, and it's not just the black market of falsified documents.
16. UPHSD (0-5, defeated by Arellano 86-67): Maybe they should allow Ynion to score more. At least they won when they did that.
17. EAC (0-3, DNP this week): Hey at least Perps sorta gave their opponents a fight, unlike the Generals.

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