August 25, 2010

I heard Boyet Fernandez is now writing the protest letter

Boyet Fernandez: Punyeta! Naunahan tayo ng mga taga-FEU! Tawagan mo yung mga taga-Alpha Phi Omega para sila naman ang magpa-litrato! Parang si Oblation!
(WTF! Those FEU people got there first! Call the Alpha Phi Omega and let them pose there! Naked!)

P.S. It'll be bloody awesome if someone "tags" them for us.
P.P.S. If the Hong Kongers get these fools as their employees, please sterilize them.


  1. Inggit ka? Magpapicture ka rin.

  2. At least the girl on the left looks sad.

  3. saka hindi lng nman cla ang mga tao dun na nagpapaicture ah... at hindi lng nman cla pumunta dun pra magpapic ln... nag interview cla and for the proof nagpapic cla.. ang mali lng is nka smile cla.. nka base lng kce kau sa pic eh.. ndi nio alam ung nsa part nila..

  4. @Anon #1: Sayang. Wala na yung bus doon. Hahah.

    @Anon #2: I can't come up with a PNU joke that doesn't offend retards.


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