August 22, 2010

Week 7 Top 10: The Turning Point

Four more games left per team in the UAAP season, while God knows how many are left in the NCAA tourney. UP is gone, Perps is waiting eagerly for their turn, and maroon teams have been winless so far. And it's mid-late-August already.

Also, as much as possible, I'm restricting these "weekly top 10" on their records for the week, not their overall record. Because you know, it's the Weekly Top 10.

(BTW, if you're looking for the nifty graphics I previously used, the program I'm using got corrupted so the template was lost. Wahaha. So I got lazy making a new one. Instead, let's just use some photo remotely related to the title. Like the one at the top.)

#10. CSB Blazers
2-6, 1-0 this week (defeated UPHSD 79-70)
If Jojo Lastimosa was nicknamed "Jolas", so should Carlo Lastimosa be nicknamed "Colas"? CSB is an easy team to beat. Stop Colas, and you'd win. How do you stop Colas? Let some bigger guy guard him.

#9. NU Bulldogs
4-6, 1-1 this week (lost to Ateneo 69-49, defeated UP 61-59)
I've heard the ending of the UP-NU game was mighty awesome. If someone can narrate to us what really happened, we'd be completely grateful.

#8. Letran Knights
3-6, 1-1 this week (defeated EAC 88-65, lost to JRU 76-60)
Letran can be described as one roster spot away from being at least a playoff contender. They need big men. Since Mark Andaya left the team, the Knights have had difficulties with teams with tall lineups. They have to find centers and power forwards for them to advance further.

#7. De La Salle Green Archers
6-4, 1-1 this week (defeated UP 84-63, lost to Ateneo 74-57)
You know what was the turning point in their loss against Ateneo? Ferdinand entering the game. That's when Ateneo stepped on the clutch and their import started making shooting the lights out. Hey at least Ferdinand can be like Malabes, he can run away to Indonesia once his playing years are maxed out by La Salle.

#6. Arellano Chiefs
4-5, 1-0 this week (defeated Mapua 61-54)
The Chiefs are on the rebound, thanks to Leo Isaac's coaching. Beating Mapua was a step forward if they want to qualify in the semis.

#5. UE Red Warriors
3-7, 1-0 this week (defeated Adamson 71-63)
Like Arellano, all is not lost for the Warriors team. All they have to do is... well, win games. If they can beat Adamson, and they, and I mean everyone not named Paul Lee, step up, then they can catch up on the Final 4. The Warriors have a strong guard combo in Lee and Martinez Chongson has to figure out ways on how to exploit this.

#4. JRU Heavy Bombers
7-2, 2-0 this week (defeated Mapua 61-54 and Letran 76-60)
The Bombsquad is on the loose, and only the two top NCAA teams can beat them now, now that Meneses now can win games yet setting probably a record number of turnovers. If you win yet blowout your opponent with 30+ turnovers/game, that's something. Only that it won't work with SBC and SSC. If Meneses wants the twice to bear advantage, he has to prevent these turnovers.

#3. FEU Tamaraws
9-1, 1-0 this week (defeated UST 76-67)
After a bad loss from Adamson, the Tams made sure the Tigers won't come back. FEU's semifinal stint is in the bag, and the twice to beat looking good, it's the winning in the semis -- something Capacio has yet to do -- would take them to the next level.

#2. Ateneo Blue Eagles
8-2, 2-0 this week (defeated NU 69-49 and La Salle 74-57)
Two blowout wins and they're #2? Seriously, what are you sniffing? Haven't you seen how they made the Bulldogs look like puppies, and the Archers look like... what's the junior equivalent of an Archer? Toddler Archer?

#1. San Beda Red Lions
8-0, 1-0 this week (defeated San Sebastian 88-76)
Why they heck they are #1? They're undefeated. And they make the then undefeated Stags look like drunk guys on a stag party. Sudan Daniel can match up with anyone thrown at him, and they successfully shut down Calvin "The Spitfire" Abueva with their interior defense thanks to the Semarad brothers.

Player of the week: Kirk Long (Ateneo). Did you know that Kirk Long's real name is Jeffrey, and his birthday is indefinite?
Runner-up: Referees at the UP-NU game. These guys deprived us of what could've been the longest basketball game in history. Weeee.

Scrub of the week: Rolly Manlapaz. Can someone scream "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SHOOTING FORWARD" to this guy. Thank you.
Runner-up: Ferdinand (La Salle). 0 points vs. Ateneo. I wonder why Pumaren is still putting him on the floor.

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