July 2, 2011

Quick hits: NCAA Opening

NCAA was like a week late this year. Must be the first time in years they opened in July. Anyone know the reason? Anyway, here are the day's quick hits, judging by the linescores as I was not able to watch them (haha):

San Beda 82, UPHSD 52
I don't think any thing else has to be added here, except that maybe Perps should strongly reconsider letting their other tall guy play. Probably no school would raise a fuss, it's as if Boss Anton is at the Management Committee. San Beda can still easily clinch a semifinal berth, and by that time Sudan might be ready.

San Sebastian 73, JRU 67
What went wrong for JRU? And, it was brilliant Baste got Topex Robinson as their new head coach. Coach Turo's too old, and the last time we saw him, he was clobbered heavily at the elections. And if they don't progress, Vergel Meneses may be on his way out.

Letran 75, Mapua 65
The Battle of Intramuros must be the suki for opening day games. Seriously, who does the schedules? And as no one outside the Big Dome saw this game, you'd wonder how the game transpired as the teams were locked early. Did Mapua run of out gas? Or is this the same old Mapua mentality where they wilt at the end game?

Sunday's games: San Sebastian vs. JRU and Letran vs. Mapua (Jrs)
Monday's games: CSB vs. Lyceum and Arellano vs. EAC (Jrs/Srs)

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