October 12, 2011

NCAA Season 87 playoffs: All the stats you'd need to know

Wait, it's still college basketball season? This late? And we're only starting the playoffs? Isn't it sembreak already, since in baseball they're in the League Champi0nship Series already?

That means students had took their Finals already. Wait, these athletes are students? They study?! Are they studying to become priests?

Anyhoo, these are the stats that you need to know as the college basketball season concludes. Ah yes, we forgot about the PCCL. Wait, what's the PCCL? Wait, shouldn't the NCAA end first than the UAAP?

Idea ripped off from Grantland. Well not necessarily since I credited them. Ah, what the heck.

BTW, ABS-CBN Sports, whatever happened to Drei Felix, everyone's favorite sportscaster not named Diane Castillejo? Now the chicks have to watch Chris Soler wishing they have hair as great as his. Don't get me started on Anton Roxas.

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