September 29, 2013

Top 10 college courtside reporters of the 21st century

What gets me through college basketball on TV when Boom Gonzalez is blabbering about how Bobby Ray Parks is the savior of Philippine basketball, TJ Manotoc blabbering about Kiefer Ravena is the savior, period, and Aaron Atayde blabbering about blabbering?

Coutside reporters, of course! Some people may deem them to be unimportant, or even unneeded, but seriously, once you get tired of listening to the commentators talking sadly after every Ateneo loss, and being ecstatic after every time Ravena bounces the ball, the courtside reporters are your respite.

Some notes: Only included are courtside reporters whose Facebook and Twitter accounts are public, and allows me to embed their posts here. If your favorite courtside reporters (yoohoo Ateneo and La Salle reporters!) aren't here, that's the most probable case of their omission.

Also, for some reason, there are four ways college courtside reporters end up: as courtside reporters elsewhere, news reporters, as beauty queens, and their chosen professions.

Honorable mentions:

  • Sharon Yu, my favorite La Salle reporter.
  • Chinie Canivel, my favorite Ateneo reporter.
  • Rheena Villamor, was so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet when I met her.
  • Rizza Diaz, the next generation Gretchen Fullido.
  • Tricia Robredo, making daddy Jessie proud.
  • Jamaica dela Cruz, my favorite Adamson reporter.
  • Tracy Abad, my favorite UE reporter.
  • Lia Cruz, inch for inch the best courtside reporter there is.

10. Kristelle Batchelor (UST)

Facebook: HeyKristelle; Twitter @kristelleann; Instagram: kristellebatchelor

Kristelle has continued the great lineage of pretty courtside reporters: from Dimples Romana, Rheena Villamor, Dianne Querrer and Pach Cansana, she has to be that "girly girl"you'd love to be with in good times. Full of girliness it's scary.

9. Ai dela Cruz (NCAA on Sports5 via UP)

Facebook: aidelacruzonline; Twitter @aidelacruz; Instagram: aidelacruz

Nothing's better than having a cheerful girl perk you up. And those bangs. You can also catch her bangs on Myx. And the nearest INC sambahan near you. And yes, it's AH-YEE.

8. Aica Llave (Letran)

Twitter @aicallave

Bad vibes disappear when you see this girl. Which brings me to, where has this been girl gone? Ah yes, at that hotel by the bay near you!

7. Alexis Go (UE)

Twitter @missalexisgo

Arte Day! 👸 #Snapeee
Yes Alexis, you can have one free "Arte Day" per week. The courtside reporter of UE's epic 14-0 sweep; on that fateful elimination round game against DLSU that sealed the sweep that went into OT, she and her DLSU counterpart Sharon Yu, reportedly fainted. Now she's a dentist, so you now have a reason to stack up on sweets so you can visit her clinic more than the prescribed two times a year.

6. Jessica Mendoza (Ateneo)

Facebook: jessicamendozaofficial; Twitter @_jessicamendoza; Instagram: _jessicamendoza

Why can't it be Aaron Atayde (a college courtside reporter himself for Adamson via La Salle) instead who studies abroad so that the next time we see him, he's in the Quinito Henson genius levels already? Why? WHY?!?!?! Hey Josh Strike, don't kill me.

Halftime! View the selfie gallery!

5. Andi Manzano (FEU via Miriam)

Facebook: andimanzano; Twitter @andimanzano

Jessica's erstwhile partner in that ad-filled Magic 89.9 radio show, Andi is that FEU courtside reporter that wasn't from FEU but it doesn't matter coz we all love Andi. And of course this post won't be complete without stating Mark Andy Barroca is awesome, since he reportedly became textmates with her. Attaboy!

4. Michelle Mediana (AUF and JRU via UP)

Facebook: Michellemedianaaa; Twitter @mischimediana; Instagram: mischimediana

Trivia: Mischi didn't single-handedly prevent the Taiwanese conquest of the Philippines.

3. Bianca Saldua (UPHSD)

Facebook: zbsaldua; Twitter @Zbiancasaldua; Instagram: zbiancasaldua

Ah Perps, the hidden treasure of the metro when it comes to girls. When you're lonely, go to UPHSD, and be happy with all of the girls hanging around. As for the Miss Philippines World Miss Friendship, you can catch her weeknights on News Life. Wait, what's that? Next time you watch the Lotto, don't switch the channel when it's over.

2. Tina Marasigan (UST)

Twitter @tina_marasigan

Tina Marasigan already graduated when she became UST's courtside reporter. No problem for me. The problem is, her TV show is against Bianca Saldua's show, so good luck switching channels, you horny dude.

1. Gretchen Fullido (UP)

Twitter @gretchenfullido

Seriously, you really think I would have never included the greatest CSR of all time, the stuff dreams are made of? Gretchen could've easily dispatched the MNLF with her bazookas.

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