September 27, 2014

Your Asian Games basketball cheat sheet

Despite losing three consecutive games already, Gilas Pilipinas can still make it to the knockout stage of the 2014 Asian Games. How? See the cheatsheet below:

Advancing teams:
  • Red: South Korea & Qatar
  • Green: South Korea & Kazakhstan
  • Yellow: Kazakstan & Qatar
  • Blue: South Korea & Philippines
  • Purple: See Note (A)
  • Orange: See Note (B)
Notes after the jump:

General notes:
  • If there are three teams that are tied, all of them will result in 1-1 head to head records. Therefore, it'll always go to the goal average (GA) tiebreaker.
  • Goal average (GA) is used instead of point differential (PD). Generally, GA and PD give out the same result, unless the PD are equal. If they are, and the points for (PF) and points against (PA) are different, the team with the less PF (and therefore PA) wins the tiebreaker, because GA favors low scoring games. For example, 60 PF and 59 PA gives out 1.0169 GA, while 61 PF and 60 PA gives out 1.0167 GA.
  • Ranking scenarios:
    • Philippines and South Korea win: 1. South Korea, 2-4. broken via goal average.
    • Kazakhstan and South Korea win: 1. South Korea, 2. Kazakhstan, 3. Qatar, 4. Philippines
    • Philippines and Qatar win: 1. Qatar, 2. South Korea, 3, Philippines, 4. Kazakhstan
    • Kazakhstan and Qatar win: 1-3. broken via goal average, 4. Philippines
  • TL;DR: If Korea wins, they're in. If Qatar wins, they're in and the Philippines are out. If the Philippines loses, they're out. If Kazakhstan loses, they're out.
Specific notes:
  • Note (A): South Korea advances. Philippines has to win by 10 points while scoring 65 points or less to advance; if the Philippines wins with a score of 66 points or more, Qatar advances.
  • Note (B): Qatar advances. Furthermore, Qatar has to win by 26 points while scoring 73 points or less for Kazakhstan to advance. If Qatar wins with a score of 74 points or more, they and South Korea advance.

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