October 29, 2007


You maybe surprised that this blog finally has a new post. I’m surprised, too… I wonder why.

You also maybe thinking, why have I stopped writing this blog? To cut the long story short, lets say I just got bored. You see, all of my posts are boring. Well, they’re really not that boring, it’s just I got bored writing stuff about boring subjects, and still nothing – the epitome of boredom – happens.

So it’s time to add pizzazz to this part of cyberspace. I’ll still be writing about politics boring stuff but let me do satirically. Come on, you’ve probably seen blogs similar as this one, might as well do something different, but, some are already doing it, so what? I can’t think of anything else, other than pissing off Lakers and Yankees fans. Oh yes, congratulations to the Red Sox for beating the Halos, the Tribe and the Rocks. Time to wash those red socks, just make sure you don’t mix them with the whites or else you’d come up with the pinks.

A sign that a democracy is at its pink of health is when elections are held. It doesn’t matter if anyone is killed – OK, it does matter – but at least we still vote, even if it’s screwed up by other people. But where’s the essence of voting if other people screw it up? Just think of this way: at least you’re really voting. And there is more than one name in the ballot. But really, does anyone cheat at the barangay elections? Maybe, since it is the first step at recouping campaign expenses. Sorry, it’s the second step, the SK is the first.

When I first heard that Glorietta 2 exploded due to crap, “I exclaimed that’s a crappy explanation!” It seems that your fart does not only go up in flames but it explodes too.

California going up in flames isn’t a joke – tell that to the people whose houses were burned. Too bad the governator doesn’t have a water gun big enough to extinguish the fires.

And yes, before I forget, before someone extinguishes the fire that is called the ZTE contract, aren’t you surprised Abalos resigned? I’m not. At least he’ll still be safe, for now. Not to mention the other “mystery” people behind this. I wonder why…

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