November 1, 2007

NBA 2007-08 preview: Pacific

When everyone stopped creating their previews for the ongoing NBA season, I figured why not throw in my hat with my own preview, actually it's not really a preview since we're now viewing the season, but what the heck.

But as opposed to other writers, lemme start from the west: from the Pacific division.

I still remember Steve Kerr saying on 2004 that the Lakers will win the division - the first season Shaq was at South Beach. Then the Suns dominated the division for the next 2 years - will they continue their dominance or will a bunch of whiners whine their way to a trade?

Sacramento For all those K-Mart fantasy owners out there, thank God he's on a team that sucks, or else you won't get anything from him.
Best performance: A suspension worth 2 weeks - oh, that's for Artest.

L.A. Clippers Raise your hand if you think 2005 was a fluke. There, I see a lot of hands. And it won't be repeated this year, since Brand won't be back until spring. Heck, there's the Lakers anyway... which brings me to...
Best performance: Go watch the other L.A. team

L.A. Lakers - The Lakers is a great team, seriously. Only if A-Rod shuts up. Oh sorry, I thought Alex Rodriguez was Kobe. Maybe they're the same after all. If there's one thing the Yankees outdid the Lakers was that the Bronx Bombers have a Jeter; the Lakers only have a Kwame.
Best performance: First round

Golden State - You know what, I really hated what this team did last year. Blame the system, blame the coach, blame everyone but Baron Davis. If this guy stays healthy, expect GSW to go all the way... even to the Finals. But since Davis is consistently inconsistent, then expect for a roller-coaster ride.
Best performance: Second round, if they meet Dallas, otherwise, first round

Phoenix If you thought we had enough of crybabies, the potential division winner has one too. But is Steve Kerr too money-conscious? With the scrap of money he should save, he might as well spend it. And spend it on a player that averages a double-double and throw in some steals and dimes as well. Oh wait, Marion is my fantasy player, he better do good.
Best performance: NBA Finals

Up next: Northwest

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