December 20, 2007

What you can do... I can do better

Sibling rivalry... you can see it everywhere, George and Jeb, Jessica and Ashlee, Ehra and Michelle, Richard and that guy who is a co-federation member of one person whose name starts with a "P" (enough with the "Brokeback" jokes), but if it's Britney vs. Jamie Lynn, JLS wins hands down.

Imagine, Jamie Lynn got pregnant at a tender, young age of 16. This is like the biggest thing since French fries, even hitting the homepage of one (take that, JLH, Alba (there seems to be a lot of them these days (it seems I really like parenthetical statements))).

Now you're asking how does that make JLS better? Lets just say Britney got pregnant when she was at her 20s, and by that time, we knew she was on her way to the trailer. The younger Spears had no history of such activity, heck the last time I saw her was when Brit was looking for her at the Teen Choice Awards (I don't watch Teenick haha). You may argue, JLS started earlier (too early if I may add) so she has a head-start, but if you're really into it, it doesn't matter when you "start."

Now you're asking, why are you reading this? You must be expecting for a Britney joke, but I should've stuck a "Gimme more" joke a while ago, but it's so cliché. Let's just say little Jamie needs all of the over-protection (can't resist) she needs.

Sing with me...
I'm just another kind of girl

And you wanna see my world

So come and run away

Don't ask me what that song is...

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