December 18, 2007

Willie practices his screw-up -- video taken down

Apparently, another video has surfaced showing Wowowee host practicing his "magic" on screwing-up his contestants on his TV show.

Hey, after humiliating yourself, in national, hell international TV, the host should screw you up, hahahaha

YouTube video after the jump.
Apparently, ABS-CBN ordered YouTube to take down the video. More of this crap after the jump.

As you can see, our cute little video is gone. However, I'd have to say that the YouTube video wasn't aired on TV, hence, ABS-CBN can't invoke their DMCA takedown notice unless the video was shot through their very own cameras. If the video came from an ABS-CBN employee using his/her own camera, then ABS-CBN can't sue for copyright since the copyright belongs to the person that recorded the video.

I find this rather silly by YouTube by not exploring their options fully and not investigating the matter.

However, since Blogger is owned by Google, the same company that owns YouTube, it seems YouTube is the only video-sharing website allowed here so i'd have to explore other possibilities to share this goodness. Don't worry, I've downloaded the video beforehand, suspecting ABS-CBN will invoke their "copyright" so I'll re-upload it somewhere else. Probably Rapidshare or Megaupload, so don't worry. You gotta have FLV players though, since it won't work with Windows Media Player, RealPlayer and their imitators.

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