March 31, 2008

Gossip Girl timeline, part 1

I don't know about you, but haven't you noticed that most TV shows have screwed-up timelines, like they don't always go along together. Well at least Gossip Girl is largely restricted to a group of people so I suppose it'll be easier to construct a timeline? Not really.

  • Aug/Sept 2005-June 2006: S dated the swimming team captain.
  • Tue 10/8/2005: D first met S at a birthday party. This is the setting for his short story "10-08-05" that was published at The New Yorker.
  • Aug-Sept 2006: Start of sophomore school year.
  • Aug/Sept 2006-June 2006: B develops her eating disorder.
  • Between Aug-Dec 2006: The Shepherd's Wedding.
  • Thu 11/23/2006: Thanksgiving Day (Flashed back).
  • Nov/Dec 2007-Feb 2008: Harold leaves Eleanor for Roman.
  • Dec 2007-Jan 2008: S leaves for Connecticut.
  • Aug-Sept 2007: Start of school year.

  • Pilot:
  • Thu 10/11/2007: S arrives back from Connecticut, D+J arrive back from Hudson.
  • Fri 10/12/2007: S's first day at school, B learns about N+S.
  • Sat 10/13/2007: B's Kiss on the Lips party, Lincoln Hawk concert.

  • The Wild Brunch:
  • Sun 10/14/2007: Bart Bass' annual brunch.
  • Thu 10/18/2007: C catches S going to the center.
  • Fri 10/19/2007: Ivy Week-end.
  • Sat 10/20/2007: S+B reconcile.

  • Poison Ivy:
  • Sat 10/27/2007: C's "Lost Weekend", B+S's first day together.
  • Sun 10/28/2007: B+S's fashion "shoot", C bails out N from Carter Baizen.

  • Dare Devil:
  • Fri 11/02/2007: B's sleepover, S's first date with D.

  • The Handmaiden's Tale:
  • Sat 11/10/2007: Masquerade ball, Eleanor's party for her fashion line.

  • Victor, Victrola:
  • Thu 11/15/2007: C informs B on his plans on Victrola.
  • Fri 11/16/2007: D+S making out when V arrives via the fire exit.
  • Sat 11/17/2007: B does burlesque routine at Victrola, lil J goes to Hudson.

  • Seventeen Candles:
  • Sun 11/18/2007: B confesses her sins, J brings Alison home, B's birthday party.
  • Mon 11/19/2007: B's birthday.

  • Blair Waldorf Must Pie!:
  • Thu 11/22/2007: Thanksgiving Day, the Captain rushed to the Hospital, S, E, D, J learn Lily's past.

Post-Thanksgiving: I haven't paid attention to these episodes (except the last two, although I've seen them all), so I'd have to watch these episodes again to have a good construction of a timeline.

Key: S = Serena, B = Blair, D = Dan, N = Nate, J = Jenny, C = Chuck, V = Vanessa, E = Eric


  1. how do i watch the episodes before serena leaves i love gossip girl and can't find the episodes any where please help

  2. There no episodes yet on the time before Serena leaves. The story begins after she arrives. Unless the producers will create an an entire flashback episode.

  3. what was the party where jenny kissed nate to win??? i want to have a party themed like that but dont know what its called or which episode it was. help!

  4. @Anon: I think it was "The Handmaiden's Tale."


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