April 11, 2008

Why "Pautakan Pagalingan Patatagan" is a truckload of bullcrap

I'd have to admit, I'm not a fan of "Survivor" or reality TV in general, except for "The Amazing Race" since I really don't know if it's real or what. However, I do know how Survivor works since I watched one season: the one where Jenna won, and I watched that even before the "milk and cookies" incident. American Idol is a reality TV show but I consider it more of a singing show; if they feature Kristy and Brooke room adventures then it becomes a reality show.

So that's why I'm less than thrilled to hear a local "Survivor" in the works. But what caught my fancy was the tagline: "Pautakan Pagalingan Patatagan." I wouldn't dare call it bastardization, but come on honey, are Filipinos that stupid not to understand the concept of "Outwit Outplay Outlast?"

Now don't call me anti-nationalistic but I'm really "amused," to say the least, on why GMA had to translate "Outwit Outplay Outlast." I just feel that if the TV show or anything is in English already, you don't have to translate it, since come on, English is taught at schools, and at least every household that has TV probably has someone that is currently going or went to school. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what "Outwit Outplay Outlast" means. Look, I'm sure not everyone knows the concept of "Big Brother" (it came from the novel "1984" where "Big Brother" sees everything) but ABS-CBN still used the English name (but it did a lot worse with the claim of "Teleserye ng totoong buhay." Yeah right, tell that to the marines).

So why did GMA have to translate "Outwit Outplay Outlast" into Tagalog? To make sure everyone instantly knows the concept of the game? Are Filipinos really that dumb? Lets dissect the three words: "Outwit Outplay Outlast"

"Outwit" is probably the hardest one to understand, since the word "wit" is used rarely in everyday street conversation. It's not unlike your everyday English word like "eat" or "road," etc. However, once you get the hang of the game, you'd realize what "outwit" means; unless of course GMA gets really stupid castaways who don't form alliances and such.

"Outplay" is regularly heard on sports broadcasts, and I'm sure everyone owning a TV set had seen a basketball game on TV. Ergo, this is pretty easy to understand.

"Outlast" is probably the easiest word to understand. Heck, it's a car battery brand. And what should a car battery named "Outlast" do? Outlast a battery called Motolite.

So you see the phrase "Outwit Outplay Outlast" isn't really that hard to comprehend when you think of it. If they really want to Tagalize everything, they should've came up with a Tagalog translation of "Survivor" so it'll balance out. Translate terms such as "Immunity Challenge" while they're at it.

And I'm not even calling for the death of the Filipino language, it's just when it is in English already, you don't have to translate it into Filipino. Leaving it in English will make the viewers learn English. In fact, one way of learning English is to watch English-language TV shows. Heck English-language songs are blasted on masa stations everyday, people can't be that dumb.

Anyway, before they screw this show up even more, lets just hope GMA doesn't make stars out of individual castaways. Castaways aren't meant to become actors. Don't follow the stupidity of PBB. If you want a talent search, revive "StarStruck" and replace three-thirds of the judges from "Pinoy Idol."

While you people watch this, I'm staying home to scripted entertainment... like the WWE.


  1. Are Filipinos really that dumb?

    so ibig sabihin pag di lang marunong mag english DUMB na ang Pinoy?

    look at ms. Teen u.s.a she speak fluent english... but look at her... she win the pageant but check her answer at youtube.com

    she is dumber...

    why american company localize their advertisment? localize their tag line? same brand but localize approach.

    look at nescafe, shampoo commercials, coke, pepsi, etc... how bout AMERICAN IDOL? sa ibang Bansa Music IDOL dito sa pinas Pinoy IDOL. what wrong with that?

    even microsoft localized their MS WINDOWS product in some country like thailand, china, europe etc..

    eto lang sasabihin ko sayo..




  2. Miss South Carolina looked stupid, not because she speaks English but she can't comprehend what she wants to share to her audience. Not too mention she's American so it's a default that she has to know English.

    In the Philippines, much of the educational material is written in English. If you can't comprehend English, you're toast.

    Thais, Chinese and most Europeans don't speak English as fluently as Filipinos that's why they have specialized software for them. Ever wondered why almost all English-language TV shows aren't dubbed into Filipino? Not to mention a lot of people, even the DotA boys can use the computer? Because they know a little bit of English, try that for other Asian countries, they'd have translate. See Friendster, they have a sub-site for other languages.

    Not that it'll make you stupid if you speak Tagalog or more intelligent if you speak English; the thing is, if you'll learn English, you'd have an advantage, and actually directly know what is being meant since if you'd translate it into another language it may come out awkward (lost in translation).


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