July 14, 2008

Me Against the World

I can't find the poster for the Kris Aquino bomb "You and Me Against the World" that also included Robin Padilla. Back in 2003, I remember this being displayed at the Morayta intersection where artists paint the poster into huge billboards, like the ones you'd see at Cubao some years ago.

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So I grabbed the next best thing, the honorary Laallian Tupac, who is probably still killing the honorary Atenean Notorious B.I.G. wherever they are right now. To remind Lasallians that since they're so special, the whole UAAP might as well gang up upon them. Especially this guy:

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All because of this:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The UAAP. Where we don't wear IDs happens. And live to complain about it.

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