July 13, 2008

Top ten reasons why Ateneo is #1

Ateneo has a 3-0 record. Wanna know why?

10. They stole Salva and Bringas from Mendiola cor. Recto for draft picks + cash a la Air21.
9. Paul Lee got too hot after his explosion at the Flying V tourney.
8. Chris Tiu just plainly hates Lasallians not named Ty Tang.
7. NABRO had a change of heart once Tiu's BFF graduated.
6. Norman Black made sure the Eagles practiced while at class.
5. The Archers started attending their interdisciplinary studies classes to the surprise of their profs.
4. Pac-Man made an appearance to Tiu's delight.
3. Gilbert Arenas wears a uniform with a shade of blue.
2. UE thought they were playing against La Salle.
1. La Salle forgot to pin their IDs, and had the guts to complain about it.

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