January 4, 2009

MMVIII: It was so great, Plax shot himself

2008 was the year of the upset: Pacquiao shocking De La Hoya, the Giants upsetting the 18-0 Colts, the Kings winning the title after a 1-7 start, and England fans upset that Becks won't play at Euro 2008.

10. Red Wings paints the town red
Coming off in what could've been the greatest goaltending performance in the 2008 Playoffs, Marc-Andre Fleury was ecstatic to see the series go back to Pittsburgh, but as fate would have, the Detroit Red Wings made it sure that the series won't be coming back to The Joe as they raced to a 2-0 lead and never looked back to make Elle Bishop so happy, she zapped the hell out of Peter Petrelli.

9. Seven-teen!
Boston is the home of champions. The Patriots, the Red Sox, the Eagles, but don't mention the Bruins. The Celtics just came off a season of mediocrity, both on court and on the ping-pong balls mixer, so Danny Ainge pulled the rug, he traded Ray Allen for half of the team. To make it even better, Ainge traded the future for the present: Kevin Garnett. And the rest, they say, and the cliche, is history. Ask Kobe how many points was the lead after game 6 and he'd ask for a calculator.

8. Baste finally brings home the bacon... on the pizza
Ever since the inception of the Shakey's V-League, the San Sebastian Lady Stags had come so near yet so far from the championship, being beaten by UST or Adamson. But on 2008 was different, there was glimmer in the coin, cheese on the pizza, egg on the tapsilog. The time was ripe. And they harvested. Even Denise Tan didn't stand a chance.

7. San Beda completes the Dynas-Three
Every Chinese New Year won't be complete without hopia, those pastries that made the Tsinoys so rich they dumped their money to Ping Lacson's presidential bid. But even the hopia, the Tsinoys have no match to the one and only MVP, and Sam Ekwe. Yeah, there were 14 other dudes in the team, but you'd really have to admit, that without Sam Ekwe, Jeffrey Bombeo won't be able to save them.

6. Michael Phelps wins more golds than Canada
In what could've been the most epic Olympic performance in the history of the games, Phelpistan beat Canada. One person beat an entire country in golds. Heck, one person beat an entire country in medals.

5. "Timo Glock wins the title for Lewis!"
Timo Glock must have thought he was in Oktoberfest, as he dozed up at the final turn of the Brazilian Grand Prix. The crowd was then ecstatic has Felipe Massa clinched the championship, tying Lewis Hamilton with 98 points, but owning the tiebreaker as he won more races, but Lewis overtook Glock, and He gained an extra point, that crucial one point that made him the championship.

After the race, Nicole Scherzinger gave Lewis a performance he'd never forget.

4. Usain Bolt runs away with the gold
You're wondering why I placed this higher than Phelps' record-breaking gold medal haul? Simple. Not everyone can swim, but everyone ran at or least dreamt of running. And if there were "styles" of running, Bolt may well have been able to pad his gold medal haul.

Now if only the Philippines had a crack of winning any medal.

3. The Barangay is on cloud nine
Mark Caguioa was playing in the snow, then he remembered that he was basketball player. Then he came back to the slumping Kings, and electrified the team and led them to the Finals, against the #1 seed: the Air21 Express. And just like the Truth, despite falling down, you'd have to stand up, and... heck who am I kidding? The Express choked.

2. "And a leaping catch is made down at the 25! What a play!"
With the Giants trailing 14-10, with less than 5 minutes left, and in third down, Eli Manning was in tears. His brother choked in the playoffs, Tom Brady has a really hot GF (but Tony Romo could contend that his is hotter), and his team was losing. Then the ball snaps, and three Patriots want to tackle him so bad, so he just threw the ball somewhere. On that somewhere, lay dreaming was David Tyree, caught the ball, and fell down. It was first down. A few plays later, Plaxico Burress saw the future that he will shoot himself so he motioned all of his faculties to catch the ball at the end zone.

The Giants won, 17-14.
But Tom still gets the girl.

1. "Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!"
That came from Chino Trinidad. If it were Diane Castillejo, also known as the greatest sportscaster in the history of sportscasting, bar none, she'd scream


Something was weird in this bout, and it was not Karylle, or her voice, or her face, or the presence of Dingdong Dantes, or Keisha Cole's TERRIBLE RENDITION OF THE "STAR-SPANGLED BANNER". What's weird on this bout? De La Hoya didn't even throw a punch in the 6th round until the clapper announced there are only 10 seconds left in the round. Next time, boxers are charged for the punches they throw, those that hit are worth more.

(Numbers 11-20 in the coming days)

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