March 20, 2009

Head to head: ABS-CBN Sports vs. Solar Sports

New on this blog: head-to-head, where we dissect the matchup the way a plastic surgeon does his thing.

Our premier: ABS-CBN vs. Solar: Which is the better sports provider?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usDept.Image Hosted by ImageShack.usVerdict
Jude TurcuatcoTop announcerBoom GonzalesBoth announcers yell "Gets it to go!" And both are associated with violent and loud noises. But the original Kaboom wins over Boom, simply because Kaboom has more ooooomph.
Quinito HensonTop analystButch ManiegoQuinito Henson is greener than Willie Revilliame. Butch Maniego knows baby talk like I know raising kids. Quinito wins.
PBA on C/S9Flagship local programUAAP on Studio 23Contrary to popular belief, the PBA is still more popular than the UAAP, at least nationwide. It just appears the UAAP is more popular since people are required or even feel they have to attend the games. PBA fans do not necessarily have to shell out cash to support their teams.
PBL on IBC#2 flagship programNCAA on Studio 23Lets face it, the PBL is the tune-up games for both the UAAP and the NCAA. ABS-CBN wins.
NBAFlagship foreign programUFCGuess what, Balls' flagship program has no relation to balls. If you touch the balls, you're DQed. Solar is on a roll here.
C/S9Main channelStudio 23Once Solar got "24" and Jack Bauer from Studio 23, it's all over.
7-1-1, 2 KOsManny Pacquiao bouts3-0-0, 2 KOsPac-Man is undefeated at ABS-CBN. Kapamilya wins this round.
The Olympic ChannelSloganWe Got Them.Yeah, we got LPGA? Tour de France? NBA FTW.
Sev SarmientaBest over-the-bakodNoneThe fact that I don't know anyone from Solar going to ABS-CBN means something.
House of HoopsLocal talk showHardballHit strong, hit hard as we play... Hardball wins. Only because of Boyet Sison. No one from Solar can hold a candle next to him. Not even Bobby Yan.
Patricia Bermudez-HizonFemale broadcasterGretchen FullidoPatricia is married, and I don't want an Atenean to beat me up, plus like no one can beat Gretchen and her puppies!
WWE (Jack TV)Best program on men-oriented channelAttack of the Show! (Maxxx)Olivia Munn must win this.
Gossip Girl (ETC)Best program on women-oriented channelThe L Word (Velvet)I gotta give one for the LGBT people.
24Best program on free TVCSI: Crime Scene Investigation24 has 6 Emmys vs. CSI's 4. And who will win in a deathmatch between Jack and Grissom?
8Result6If I haven't introduced the latter three totally unrelated departments, Solar Sports' lead would've been wider.

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