April 2, 2009

My tats are real! Wanna touch?

It's American Idol season again, and as usual, more Idol freaks are watching than those NHL diehards. But whatever.

And yes, the boss told me to add that pic you see on the right, it's his blog anyway. Heh. Just don't tell him I picked the one with Seacrest on it.

Your top nine contestants, since I was too lazy to write about something on the top ten:

The Death Spot - Anoop: Hey yo, Chapel Hill is going to the Final 4! Better keep me until next week when UNC wins everything, then you can kick me out and send me to Bollywood.

Megan: *sobs* Why did you evil fanboys didn't vote for me? Like, Kristy Lee Cook lasted longer than me? WHAT? My tats are real! Unlike Paula's! At least I'll still have cute little Ryder. Or Rider. Still, lots of love, xoxo, Megan.

Danny: Screw you Simon and your snail metaphors! I know about Zeno's snail paradox and I betcha you don't know that, you Brit!

Alison: Hey! I'm a teen version of Haley from Paramore! I know that should be Demi Lovato but my hair's REDDER! RAWR!

Scott: I'm the white Stevie Wonder! w00t! I SHOULD WIN! And I give free burgers too!

Matt: Performing at the squeeing fangirls' pit + sensual movements while playing the piano = WIN!

Lil: If you still wanna see that phat booty next week you better vote for me!

Adam: If I got ditched, the whole LGBT community will make sure you won't forget the spring of 2009, just as what they did with the autumn of 2008!

The Pimp Spot - Kris: Hey, Matt! I can play the piano too! And I play with little fangirls' hearts and quite a few other body parts A LOT BETTER! HA!

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