April 13, 2009

The NBA Playoffs: When I'm suddenly good at math

Before we begin, let's get this out the way first:
  • Cleveland, Boston, Orlando, Atlanta and Miami all hold the East's nos. 1-5 seeds. Detroit is assured of the East's #8 seed.
  • L.A. Lakers holds the West's #1 seed. The Nuggets clinched the Northwest Division and a home court advantage in the first round.
  • Cleveland clinched home court advantage throughout the playoffs.
And the Bobcats got denied by their "first daughter". It's like Chasing Liberty but Katie Holmes BC (before Cruise) starred.

Race for #2 seed in the West: If DEN, HOU, POR and SA somehow ends up tied at 54-28 (for that to happen, DEN has to win today, lose against POR, and HOU and SA win their last games), the tie will be broken as follows:

San Antonio47.364
For head-to-head matchups, DEN won against SA, will tie POR if the scenario earlier happens and lost to HOU. SA is tied with HOU and lost to POR.

Race for the #6 seed in the West: If we'd follow by the example above, NO and DAL will lose at their last games which lead them both tied at 49-33. NO won the tiebreaker with a 3-1 regular season series vs. DAL. However, UTA is on their way on winning against the Clips, and if they win against LAL on their last game, they'd also be tied with the two Southwest teams. So the tie will be broken as follows:

New Orleans34.429
Head-to-head: NO 3-1 vs. DAL, 0-3 vs. UTA; UTA 2-2 vs. DAL. If UTA and DAL are tied, UTA wins the tiebreaker with a superior conference record (currently 32-18 vs. DAL's 26-23; DAL can't surpass UTA's conference record anymore).

Race for the #6 seed in the East: Chicago and Philly are locked in a tight race for #6; they tied the regular season series, and the Bulls have a 24-27 conference record, vs. 24-26 of the Sixers'. If they are tied for #6 at 41-41, PHI will win the tiebreaker with a 25-27 conference record over CHI's 24-28.

Note: The AP (via an article published on NBA.com and ESPN) claims Denver already clinched the Northwest, as with the example above, it seems there's still a chance for Portland to win the division. We'll see in the U.S. afterhours if this is confirmed by the NBA. Just the other day, I correctly said that HOU, POR and SA are seeded 3-5 if the playoffs began on April 13, with NBA.com listing SA, HOU and POR in seeds 3-5.

Or maybe I'm just bad at math. Gotta blame Katie Homes BC.

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