May 1, 2009

Head to head: The Cs vs. Da Bulls

Two teams, six games, seven overtime periods, a "cumulative" score of 573-572 (excluding Game 3). And we need a game seven. Heck, this has more drama than "Tayong Dalawa," "Totoy Bato," and the whole Velvet lineup combined.

Celtics-Bulls, when Rondo got away with flagrant-2 happens.

Chicago BullsDept.Boston CelticsVerdict
Derrick RosePoint guardRajon Rondo
(or Stephon Marbury)
Rondo's in danger of being suspended for good, so it's down to the rookie of the year vs. the greatest point guard in the NBA. So who wins? Has Starbury had a better playoff debut? Rose wins.
Ben GordonShooting guardRay AllenOn Game 6, Da Bulls fared better when Gordon fouled out. And Allen hit long 2 after long 2, the refs must've loved watching reruns.
John SalmonsSmall forwardPaul PierceOutside "Big Baby," "The Truth" has the best nickname in all of sports. Well... aside from "Jesus" too.
Tyrus ThomasPower forwardGlen DavisWTF, it's Big Baby who should win this! He hits fadeaways like Dirk!
Joakim NoahCenterKendrick PerkinsK-Perk has to win here, unless Noah brings with him the entire ark.
Kirk HinrichSixth manEddie HouseCaptain Kirk will chase House out of his own house if the refs weren't looking..
Vinny del NegroCoachDoc RiversSay what you want to Vinny del Negro, but Doc is a crappier coach. He's the crappiest COY awardee ever.
Brian Scalabrine12th manAaron GrayThe only time Aaron Gray would step on to the court is when Captain Kirk is chasing the leprechaun all over Beantown.
Benny the BullSecret weaponKevin GarnettWho knows KG might do a Willis Reed.
3Result6As I predicted in a web forum, the Cs will win in seven games, and I stand by that. Add this: they'll win via a blowout.

Bulls-Celtics Game 7 is on BTV and C/S9 at May 3 at 8:00 a.m. Right before Pac-Man and the Hitman tickle each other.

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