April 27, 2009

2009 Playoffs: Where matchups happen

With the basketball world in full playoff-swing (not just the NBA), here are the top ten matchups everyone is looking at this season's... postseason. And, no, Kevin Harlan vs. Marv Albert isn't included on who sounds better.

10. Boston Celtics vs. Boston Bruins
If some years ago, the people of Detroit had a hard time choosing which playoff game to watch (and which stadium to go to), now its Beantown's turn to get dizzy. But the Bruins are in the Conference Semifinals already and the Celtics... need KG more than ever. Heck, it's hockey, and nobody cares about hockey.

9. Tony Parker vs. the Mavs' defense
Or the lack of it. Heck, who's complaining, the Mavs are leading anyway, and Damp hasn't even let out his kung-fu moves.

8. Gordon vs. Rose
In an interesting subplot to the Celtics-Bulls series, it has became a battle of the Chicago backcourt on who should lead the team... in scoring. Good thing neither of them are at L.A. or else Kobe will be pissed.

7. The Orlando Magic vs. the Orlando Magic
Like seriously, everyone except yours truly thought they'd beat the Sixers handily; after all they threw out a lot of money in the biggest free agent signing since David Beckham went to Los Angeles (well.. sorta) to be chummy with Kobe (actually, his real mission was for him to convert Kobe to Scientology but he failed, so he went to Italy instead to brainwash Silvio Berlusconi.)

6. Mark Jackson vs. Jeff Van Gundy
I envy Dave Pasch or Mike Breen who has to mediate between these two Knick-heads.

5. Steve Blake vs. his brain
OhMyEffingGoshIWannaBeTheHeroSoLemmeShootThisBallFrom (obligatory line break) 50YardsAwayFromTheThreePointLine!

4. The Denver Nuggets vs. Ric Flair
Seriously, if they won't win Game 4, they gotta blame Ric Flair for his now famous "Woooooooooooooooooo". Did the Hornets guys got the rights for that? Last time I saw the map, New Orleans was so far away from Flair Country.

3. Danny Ferry vs. the economy
Betcha everybody forgot the stakes will be higher after the playoffs are done.

2. Boston Celtics vs. Chicago Bulls
Prior to 2009, the Bulls have never beaten the Celtics in the playoffs. Not even a single game. Even MJ wasn't able to do it in the three-peat years. Even with the triangle offense, the Zen Master and the greatest center to have ever lived not named Erick Dampier in the name of Luc Longley. Until Derrick Rose arrived. He broke the ice. He made sure Chicago had the best Saint Patrick's Day parade. And he did it on the parquet floor of the garden.

1. Greg Oden vs. Dikembe Mutombo
Now first, Deke just retired, and it was a joy watching him play all these years, from Atlanta to where ever he dropped by to finger wag the opponents, and the way it ended was not the way it should had been.

But despite Deke's injury, there's someone who feels a lot older, a lot more fragile. And his name, his Greg Oden. Too bad we won't be seeing this prime match-up once again, it's like Hakeem taking Shaq to school in the 1995 Finals. Ah the Deke, thnks fr th mmrs.

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