July 17, 2009

Show your school spirit... what?

Ever been to UAAPSports.com? You know, that website produced by ABS-CBN Sports for the UAAP. Ever voted at their poll? See how their poll looks like, and compare it our "The Poll Booth" right after.

"Show your school spirit!"? Really?

Yeah, that phrase is as common as Mark Cardona talking trash, but my egotistical mind tells me they ripped that off right here. Yeah, right. LOL.

Plus, the poll is structured a la Boom Gonzalez: the question is "Which teams will enter the Final Four of Season 72?" and you can only vote for one selection. Like, really, WTF?!

At least it's not as redundant as "Push the limit, Animo spirit!" splattered on those green shirts. Like as if they didn't read this.

(P.S.: To anyone that flood voted 30 times for Ateneo on the Poll Booth: Keep it up.)

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