July 19, 2009


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(Note: "Racing Stripes" is this space's UAAP column designed to have a slant, but not necessarily bias, towards that school in España. --Howard the Duck)

UST and Ateneo are the only teams left with 2–0 records. Later, that will be down to one, with the two facing off. But pundits have placed UST as the underdog, with good reason. So how can the Tigers win?

1.) Shoot from the outside. If it hits, it'll spread ADMU's defense, and we can be able to pound inside w/c can hasten Rabeh's departure c/o fouls.

2.) Grab rebounds like hell. Don't give ADMU a 2nd try. Rabeh's very adapt to this, grabbing an offensive rebound and scoring on a put-back. Be wary of that and box out. Grab a defensive board, lead a fastbreak, and score easily.

3.) Camp at the shaded lane. But leave one guy to patrol the perimeter. It's like Jimmy Manansala days where the four guys zone while he harasses the ball-handler. Yeah, funny I even went to that era since we're basically in that mode right now.

4.) When you stop Rabeh, Ateneo will turn to their outside shooting, so that's the time UST MUST switch to man-to-man to prevent such sniping. Timely switching between zone and man-to-man might wreck havoc on the Ateneo offense and might lead into turnovers.

5.) Hit free throws and avoid turnovers. Free throws are the only time the defense is not in their faces so they better shoot it. As for turnovers, be sure the ball handler is not the one being harassed like hell.

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