April 7, 2010

2010 NBA Playoffs scenarios

Updated: After NBA games of April 6, 2010
Let's level up this thing for the last time: now, NBA style!

NBA has a peculiar tiebreaking system. The first tiebreaker is that the team that wins the Division gets the higher seed. Then it's head-to-head, division record, conference record, record vs. playoff teams in the own conference, then the other conference, then finally point differential. If after 82 games they end up with an equal point differential, they'd do their best Sam Milby impersonations with Charles Barkley deciding the winner.

Eastern Conference:
No ties among the teams.

Western Conference:
Denver vs. Utah: Denver won via a 3-1 regular season record vs. Utah
Portland vs. San Antonio vs. Oklahoma City: Portland won via a superior head to head record (6-1, .857) against San Antonio (3-4, .429) and Oklahoma City (2-6, .250)

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