April 26, 2010

Summer Madness! Verbatim Tourney Semis!

It's the final four and all races were tight in the quarterfinals:

Presidential match-ups:
(4) Manny Villar won over (5) Vetellano Acosta 4-3.
(3) Gilberto Teodoro won over (6) Joseph Estrada 5-4.

Vice-presidential match-ups:
(4) Loren Legarda won over (1) Bayani Fernando 5-4.
(2) Mar Roxas won over (3) Jejomar Binay 6-4.

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Which leads us to the exciting semifinals in the presidential race:
Noynoy Aquino vs. (4) Manny Villar
Richard Gordon vs. (3) Gilberto Teodoro

And the Finals for the vice presidential race:
(2) Mar Roxas vs. (4) Loren Legarda

Regular season results:
Noynoy Aquino: 11
Richard Gordon: 10
Gilberto Teodoro: 9
Manny Villar: 3
Vetellano Acosta: 2
Joseph Estrada: 1
Others: 0

Vice presidential:
Bayani Fernando: 14
Mar Roxas: 5
Jejomar Binay: 2
Loren Legarda: 1
Others: 0

Polls are up. Voting for both rounds is up to 11:59 p.m., May 8. Championship round of the presidential race will be on Election Week (May 9-15). If a match-up ends in a tie, I will choose who will advance (i.e. I will vote myself.)

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