September 7, 2009


Ah tiebreaks, we break them many different ways. We base them from elimination round results, we play another game, or we flip a coin.

In the UAAP, the only tiebreak worth noting would be the Ateneo vs. FEU one; in the UST-La Salle case, it will be for the #4 spot, so if they end up being tied, a playoff will be played. And there's some ambiguity on how the Ateneo-FEU tie will be broken; earlier this year, Anton Montinola said that there won't be "senseless" playoff games for seedings that are not important. The report doesn't state for what seedings those are, but most likely it'll be for the 1st and 3rd seeds, and perhaps for the 2nd seed, but definitely not for the 4th seed.

With the current state of affairs in the UAAP, one can never know.

In the NCAA, the first criteria used will be game results; now if only two teams are tied it really doesn't matter what criteria you'll use since the results will be the same, but if there are 3 or more tied teams, the results will be different if you'll use a criteria as the starting point.

If we will follow the procedures done last year, if there are any teams tied on the top 4, playoff games will be held; if there are three teams tied, the team with the higher quotient gets the bye while the two teams with inferior quotient battle it out for the right to face the team with the higher seed. If there are four teams, a series of playoff games, more like a mini-tournament, will be held

UAAP Season 72

Ateneo vs. FEU

If FEU had beaten Ateneo by exactly four points, Ateneo will still win the tiebreaker, with an overall point differential of +155 over FEU's +105

NCAA Season 85

San Sebastian vs. San Beda

San Sebastian1083771.078
San Beda0177830.928

San Beda vs. JRU

San Beda

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