December 30, 2009

2009 yearender: Top 10 international sports stories

International sports fans had a delight of sporting events and the sports scene didn't let up with highlights worth a second look:

#10: Who thought draws were boring?
As long as Charlize Theron hosts, I can tolerate it.

#9: The curse: Pittsburgh steel one from Kurt Warner as he ALMOST wins one
He won one at St. Louis and he almost led another franchise worth scrambled eggs to the Super Bowl. Too bad the people at Pottsville, Pennsylvania cursed the hapless Cardinals. What better team to beat the Cards: a team from Pennsylvania: BR-7's Pittsburgh Steelers.

#8: Spain barely qualifies, then bamboozles
Spain started the EuroBasket 2009 on a bad way -- losing to Serbia by 9, then had a virtual elimination game against host Poland to even qualify for the quarterfinals. They they had to beat unbeaten France in the QF, which they handily did, and they also won the next two games two, including the rematch with Serbia for the championship, where they blew out the hapless Serbs by 22.

#7: Thank God Tim Tebow's mom did not abort him...
Or else Urban Meyer would have sleepless nights on whether to retire or not. Meyer's probably imitating another champion Florida coach -- Billy Donovan.

#6: Tyler Hansbrough wins one for the curly white dudes
Who said white men can't jump? They still can't, but Tyler doesn't need to jump to bring a home crowd of 70,000 at the Ford Field to cry.

#5: Thrilling finish at San Juan
No USA? No problem -- Brazil, Argentina and Puerto Rico gave a Americas Championship to remember. The Puerto Ricans saw the next generation of hoops players Carlos Arroyo is more than happy to leave behind. Too bad they lost by a measly point, but they qualified anyway to the World Championship so... it's still bad. Spain, China and now Puerto Rico were beaten at the Final of their continental championships. I wonder why SBP insists on bidding for one.

#4: Kobe claims what's his, and lets LBJ gets the consolation prize
"Yo LeBron, get that MVP trophy, I'd rather see Bill Russell give me the golden trophy with a ball about to go to the rim -- just like your shots, they never get in."

#3: This SIX it: FC Barcelona
Purists won't call it a sextuple, but those six shiny trophies are the envy of fans around the world. Especially Manchester United and Real Madrid fans.

#2: If you're not into Canadian football...
Just watch:

#1: Mayweather is back, and then some
I dunno if Juan Manuel Marquez wanted a beatdown of epic proportions, but at least he earned big when he made himself Floyd Mayweather's punching bag.

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