November 15, 2009

NBA fortnightly Top 10: Boot up

After the preseason Top 30 (or three Top 10 lists), let's continue the momentum with the fortnightly top 10: It's like the power rankings, only that it comes out every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.

#10: Cleveland Cavaliers (6-3)
LeBron could've a better start to the season; had a 0-2 start (losing to a team not from the United States), and losing to the Bulls. All of their wins were from crappy teams. Good thing they won against the Florida teams. And LBJ had to score an average of 35 points on both games.

#9: Houston Rockets (5-4)

That Lakers game was oh so close but... you know the drill. Trevor Ariza is having a monster season, only that nobody cares anymore. Except for Luis Scola who grabs rebounds like perky schoolkids on a merry-go-round.

#8: Miami Heat (6-2)
The Heat are having a fiery start, with their two losses coming the likes of the Suns and the Cavs. If you thought James scores too much, you haven't seen Wade's stats: two 40-point plus games in the last fortnight. For some reason the Suns defense limited him to a measly 23 points. Dunno how that happened.

#7: Denver Nuggets (7-3)
For some reason I don't like this team. I dunno why. Maybe it's Melo's tats. The last week hasn't been kind to them either with three loses in a span of five days (Heat, Hawks, Bucks). But they bounced back with an arseraping of the Lakers... and you know I had to include this:

Too bad Allein Maliksi had a better dunk at the UAAP NCAA Slam Dunk Contest. Yeah, I wish.

#6: Orlando Magic (7-3)
Either the Magic hate SVG or SVG means "Suck Vig Gime". Yeah, that's poor. Their losses were awful. On the road at Detroit by 5, on the road at OKLAHOMA CITY by a number higher than 20 points (I didn't bother computing) and 9 at home vs. the Cavs. Now I wanna bash those Vince Carter fanboys at PEx, only if PEx is online. LOL

#5: Dallas Mavericks (6-3)
All is well in Mavsland. Kidd is shooting like Renren Ritualo, Dirk's hair is like Whitney Port's locks, Jose Juan Barea is emerging as a dependable fantasy player in a 50-team deep league, and Drew Gooden is on his way to being a realtor for having real estate in like 10 states. The road losses against NoLa and SA are a concern, though.

#4: Los Angeles Lakers (7-2)
So much for having a 20-1 start, eh? Well, there's still a still awesome 19-2 start, and Kobe's gotta be happy that the Lakeshow is doing well with Pau Gasol still fighting ETA extremists in his native Spain. But he's pissed at Ty Lawson. Too bad Sonny Weems is at Canada already perking himself up for the winter.

#3: Atlanta Hawks (7-2)
Despite losing to the #4 team, the Hawks won over the C's. But they were beaten badly by CHARLOTTE. (Yeah, I love using ALL CAPS for emphasis. Must be Twitter since you can't boldface and italicize and stuff.) So ranking these teams are as tough as pudding left at the window under the sun. Jamal Crawford is making himself a serious case for 6th man of the year. Only if they award the thing by fortnights.

#2: Phoenix Suns (8-2)
Yet ANOTHER team beaten by L.A. (and I mean the Lakers), and they're ranked higher. WTF is with this ranking? Yeah, but L.A. was almost beaten by the Clips, was beaten by the Mavs (who were ranked lower) and Oklahoma City which is ranked highly in the draft lottery. Still Nash and co. are scoring like crazy. Something that was so successful, Stern and Stu had to screw up the Sunnies when Stoudamire chased the Suns gorilla at the stands.

#1: Boston Celtics (8-2)
So wait, the #2 team beat the #1 team, and now they ranked higher? The C's beat the Cavs and Da Bulls, and the Suns were beaten by L.A. which was ranked lower. In other words, Sheed's having a jolly good time wearing green.

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