June 26, 2010

NCAA preseason winners/losers

As the lineups are revealed, who and which teams would be the winners and losers this upcoming NCAA season? Let's track them down:

San Beda Red Lions: Although San Beda had quite a few players lost to graduation, what they held over will be more than enough to keep them in the hunt for the twice to beat advantage. Add to that key pickups and the RL is a lock for at least a semifinals berth.

Calvin Abueva: If you've seen the overly silly allegations of Abueva using roids in the internets during last year's playoffs, you can only be sure he'd be raring to go out more this season, especially with Jimbo Aquino leaving.

EAC Generals: While the status of their Malaysian-Chinese pick-up maybe uncertain, if he does get the green light, the Generals may have a better performance in the NCAA season compared with their miserable stint in the summer leagues.

Kevin Alas: Last year's semifinal game vs. San Beda was the passing of the torch at Letran. RJ Jazul deferred the last shot to Kevin Alas, and although he missed, it shows he is more than willing to take the big shot.

Jonathan Banal: After missing last season due to injury, Banal is looking to make up for lost time. With a respectable finish to last year's tournament, Mapua is seen as one of the sleepers of the tournament, with some even tagging them as Final Four contender.

UPHSD Altas: Who told you PCU is gone for good? Their players are now with their 2004 adversary Perps, and with Boris Aldeguer at the helm, this team has nowhere to go but up.

Male hoops fans: We have at least four new NCAA courtside reporters! Ain't that sweet?

Arellano Chiefs: With Gio Ciriacruz lost to graduation, the Chiefs may find a tougher road ahead even with Leo Isaac at the helm.

JRU Heavy Bombers: As what Mike Abasolo said, the Bombers may have an intact line-up, but the loss of John Wilson, their only big-time scorer, needs to be filled up. It's up to Marvin Hayes and company to fill that void.

The two Perps players found to be ineligible: Using spurious documents, those two players might find themselves unable to play in any NCAA for rest of their lives. This may also affect Aldeguer's rotation, but fortunately, it happened before the season, and before wins were tallied. As we all know, any wins where those players would've played are forfeited.

Andrei Felix: Hey at least Jennylyn Mercado named her child after him. Uyyyyyy showbiz.

Student-athletes: With the first round only having two Monday games, expect the tournament to drag on forever; plus expect some days lost to bad weather and we'd be playing basketball by the time students enroll for the second semester.

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