June 26, 2010

TGTBATU: Where Aloy Taplah wants to be like Tony Romo

Opening Day is here and it's time for the first installment of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The premise is self-explanatory. Each game day, I'd bring the good, the bad and the ugly things that happened in the day's games.

The Good:
The muses: Like come on, you should've seen how the JRU muse... uh... "bounced" around. I meant that in a good way.

Letran defense: If you want hardcore, macho hoops, watch the NCAA games. Players get bruised, bloodied just by breathing the air on the court.

Calvin Abueva's efficiency: Whatever the reason, the Beast stayed for only a few minutes on court. However, Abueva, for every minute that he is in, has at least a point. That's efficiency.

San Beda's fastbreak: The secret for San Beda's success relies on their bigs: they get the rebound, that leads to a fastbreak that often results in two points.

The bad:
JRU offense: Just as how good San Beda's offense is, is just how bad JRU's offense during the game. It's prehistoric: dump the ball on Joe Etame and pray to the gods something happens.

The referees: Especially in the first game, the referees called on every foul in the books. Let the children play, so to speak. This is not the NBA where David Stern needs Dwayne Wade or LeBron James to make money.

Studio 23 lighting: People in the internets complained of really bad reception. I thought the reception was too bright, which I liked since I had bad eyesight. Is this where the money went for those HDTV equipments? (Yeah, I know, Studio 23's broadcast was in SDTV. Just saying.)

The ugly:
Papa Boyet and the San Sebastian president: God bless the good priest, but that interview made Ron Artest cry.

Aloy Taplah wants to be Tony Romo: Hey kid, this is not the NFL where you'd perform a forward pass in each and every position! Watch some rugby union games, for a change!

The Stag who wanted to be Jacob: As someone in PinoyExchange pointed out, if it weren't for the antlers we would've thought that the guy was wearing a wolf costume. Maybe he wanted to be Jacob. San Sebastian Team Jacobs squeeeeeeeeeeee.

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