August 2, 2010

Top ten toughest national flags to draw

Remember as a kid when you drew our national flag? Red, white and blue with a sun shining through, with three little stars at the tips of the triangle? Ain't that easy? If you're a Libyan kid, unless you're green-color blind, drawing the national flag is as easy as getting a piece of green art paper.

Most other European and African nations have tricolors, flags with three colors either arranged horizontally or vertically (or even diagonally).

But some national flags are a chore to draw. If you are a kid in of these countries, it must've been next to impossible to draw your own flag. What makes the flag special is that it is simple enough for children to draw, for the kids find a connection between their lives and their flags.

And as expected, flags with coat of arms (seals) are one of the hardest to draw, so I'll exclude them. This list will be too easy to create, if that's the case.

(Flags c/o Wikimedia Commons.)

10. Flag of Krygyzstan
Flag of Kyrgyzstan
This flag only has two colors, but drawing the sun might be a chore. You'd have the draw 40 wavy rays. Hey at least we only eight to draw. This is worse than the Uruguayan and Argentinian flags that have flags with a sun with plenty of rays.

9. Flag of Sri Lanka
Flag of Sri Lanka

This is not that hard, once you perfect on how to draw the silhouette of a dragon. The flag of Bhutan is harder - the dragon is more intricate, but you can screw that up anyway easily.

8. Flag of Brunei

Flag of Brunei

The central emblem, if you can call it an 'emblem" is a composite image composed of many parts. Another Southeast Asian country, Cambodia, has a flag that is harder to draw, since you'd have to draw the Angkor Wat correctly but seriously, we mastered drawing castles when we were kids so it's not that hard to draw with practice.

7. Flag of Swaziland
This flag has five colors. Essentially a flag of stripes, the flag got hard to draw once you're into the shield and the spears. Kenya has a similar flag but the shield and spears are easier drawn than the more complicated flag of Swaziland.

6. Flag of the United States
Flag of the United States

Hey, I thought this was easy? If you thought Krygyzstan's flag had 40 wavy rays, try drawing 50 little stars, cramped inside a blue box. And don't forget the 13 red and white stripes.

5. Flag of Brazil
Flag of Brazil
See those tiny stars at the circle on the Brazilian flag below the equator? Those are constellations and you gotta draw them right to prevent screw-ups. And yes, even constellations having meanings, too. And don't forget the text on the equator.

4. Flag of Mozambique
Flag of Mozambique

If there is a coolest flag ever, this has to be it. A flag with an AK-47? Guess they didn't use M16s. Ever tried drawing one? And you'd have to draw it on top of a book, which is on top of a gold star on a triangle... you get the drift.

3. Flag of Croatia
Flag of Croatia

Hey, this is just a tricolor and a checkerboard. Try drawing those icons on top of the checkerboard. And yeah, with all of the hues and stuff, this flag has not three, but nine colors. (Note: The thumbnail is reduced from 1,000 pixels, unlike the rest of the pictures here, to further... uh... "illustrate" the point.)

2. Flag of Turkemistan
Hey, this is just a green flag with a a crescent, stars and a red band on the left. See those cute drawings on the red band? Those are five carpet designs. Mastering one of those designs could take a week or two. Master five and a kid will go crazy. (Just as Croatia's the picture is not reduced in size so you can see the pretty carpet designs.)

1. Flag of Belarus 
Flag of Belarus

You thought this is simple, eh? Try drawing the Belarussian decorative pattern.


  1. You forgot the Welsh flag... INSULTED.

    1. TOTALY!


  2. you forgot Japan!!!!!

  3. have you ever tried to draw a seven pointed star?

    1. Have you tried drawing an 11 pointed star? Nepal never forget

  4. Look at serbia, or wales or spain, those weird looking things in the middle, one mistake could get rid of whole thing,
    Thanks for this page helped me with a lot of stuff.

    1. maybe those are flags that has coat of arms on them or maybe he just missed them :D

  5. Surely Wales is number one, you have to draw a freakin dragon!!

  6. honestly these are the countries that people haven't heard from unless you travel a lot to different places but i don't think anyone in the US is positive where this is any who HI:)

  7. You forgot the Canadian Flag with that damn maple leaf

  8. This is fucking racist! You gotta be fucking kidding saying The USA flag is harder than the Mexican Flag!

  9. saudi arabia is hard

  10. Um try South Africa, try remembering all those colors in order, go on... good luck!

  11. I've answered some of your comments here:

  12. check the albanian and kosovan flag and update this list

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  15. Sri Lankan flad has a LION not a dragon.

  16. Just check Tibetan national flag.. It's really hard...

  17. Just check Tibetan national flag.. It's really hard...

  18. What is with all these people pretending that Wales is a country??


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