September 22, 2010


So it's the end of our Glee Sing-Off Vote-Off, and before I show the result, which probably doesn't matter anyway since you guys know who's leading when you vote (HAHA), let's watch again the awesomest scene of the second season's premiere.

And no, it's not them singing "Telephone."
Nor even her singing "Listen."
Nor was it Brittany and her doll and the new style of witchcraft.
Nor the awesome dance moves by Finn.
It was this. (See it after the jump)

Thanks to our friendly friends at PinoyExchange for providing me one of the most seminal moments in television.

Ah yes, the results:
Who would win in a singing contest?
Rachel Berry (Lea Michele): 29
Sanshayn (Charice): 39
Manny Santos (Manny Pacquiao): 21
With 89 votes cast, this is the most voted poll on this blog. Ever. Thank you for voting!

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