October 1, 2010

Racing Stripes: The Dawn of a New Empire

Seriously, it'll get worse once Kiefer Ravena graduates.

The Ateneo Blue Eagles are your three-pe... wait, I can't use that since Pat Riley owns the rights. Oh, hasn't anyone emailed Pat Riley yet? The three-pe... you know what is, is plastered on those championship T-shirts.

So I won't make this a rant. Well, maybe it might. For those who said the refs helped them, FEU choked, or that Emman Monfort is Joe Lipa's long lost son, screw you. It was fate, I tell you.

Saw that trey by Ryan Buenafe? That was fate. He missed more three point shots this year than Shaquille O'Neal missed freethrows his entire career. But he nailed it. Swoosh.

The Tamaraws have no answer. RR Garcia was nowhere. Ramos and Cervantes were missing freethrows. Even Romeo, OK, I won't make a Shakespearean joke.

And this is just the beginning. The MVP-financed teams (well, up to this year when MVP found a boatload of cash he started financing other teams) are doing pretty well. Ateneo with its deep coffers can overachieve as long as either Kiefer Ravena signs up (LOL, sign up. It's like professional basketball), or other teams won't get Taiwanese/Chinese/Hong Konger centers. San Beda just swept the NCAA eliminations like Sunshine Corazon's mother. Even the Sys won't be able to match Ateneo now.

And so, with the impending domination of the evil empire, all we can do is for a team to be like the Boston Red Sox. I sure do hope it's not that team that resides in place that has the same name as the salts of malic acid.

BTW, the results of the UAAP Playoffs poll: Which team will win the UAAP Season 73 men's basketball championship?
(1) FEU Tamaraws: 13
(2) Ateneo Blue Eagles: 11
(3) Adamson Falcons: 1
(4) La Salle Green Archers: 1
Forget about basketball, champions naman kami sa cheerdance woohoo!: 0
Thanks for voting!

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