December 31, 2011

2011 yearender: Gabi ng Parangal, local sports edition

2011 came and went like Asiong Salonga killing the bad guys then being killed himself (OOPS SPOILER ALERT!) so let's end the year with a completely irrelevant conclusion of the already-stated premise with some awards they had not come up with -- so yes, no team, player of the year and that shit. This time let's go on local sporting events. Ten categories of pure unadulterated sporting achievements.

Game of the Year: UAAP 2nd round of Ateneo vs Adamson.

It's a tough choice between 2nd round of Ateneo vs Adamson and the UFL Cup semifinal between Kaya and Loyola Meralco, but I had to give it to the Ateneo-Adamson game, solely because more people know the Ateneo Blue Eagles exist than the Loyola Meralco Sparks.

Series of the year: 2011 PBA Governors Cup Finals.
It's like the 2011 NBA Finals: Everybody picked the Heat to win; in this case, everyone picked Talk 'N Text to win, but Chot Reyes happened. Close second was the Philippines vs Sri Lanka series for World Cup qualifying.

Game Nobody Knew Happened of the Year: UFL Cup Semifinal, Loyola Meralco vs Kaya
The 3,000-man girl strong Rizal Stadium got wet with delight when Papa Phil scored a hat-trick.

The Kerby Raymundo Award for Best Quote of the Year: Ato Agustin
For saying, in Chot Reyes' face, that he's gay.

We Did Something but the Press Didn't Care Award: Smart Gilas
The long shots went to the semifinals of the FIBA Asia Championship. That's like a Southeast Asian team making it to the AFC Asian Cup, without hosting it.

We Did Nothing but the Press Cared Award: Azkals U-23
Let's face it: Two networks had parallel coverages on a team that finished dead last.

We Should've Joined WilTime Big Time Award: Philippine national dragon boat team
Not to rain on their parade or anything, but did the international dragon boat championship even made it to the sports page of Tampa newspapers?

The Graham Lim Award for Incompetence: The PSC and POC
For screwing up, yet again, the country's already screwed up sports program, if it exists.

The Sporting Event of the Year: Smart All-Star Weekend
Kobe Bryant live in the flesh. It's like David Beckham live in the flesh, in 1998, not 2011. And oh, don't forget Kobe had 2011 MVP Derrick Rose, and the 2012 MVP Kevin Durant in tow.

Bastardization of the Year: Smart Araneta Coliseum
"Araneta Coliseum" is a smart name. The new name smells like the Dunkin Donuts Center, or the EnergySolutions Arena.

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