May 8, 2013

2013 elections: You compute the results!

In legislative (or parliamentary) elections, the popular vote totals of every party is computed. This is the sum of votes each party participated at on every district it participated in. For some reason, that hasn't been done in the Philippines. In fact, even the most basic of election results, such as the number of seats a party won in the lower house elections isn't published anywhere. Not by the media, not by the parties themselves, or even by the COMELEC.

This 2013, that changes.

With the power of the internet, and the power of Smartmatic and COMELEC, we can now compute the popular vote totals for every party that participated in this year's elections to the House of Representatives. With this, we can also compute how many seats a party wins.

This is actually pretty easy. First, we'd need the stats from COMELEC. Starting in the 2010 elections, we have been supplied by the COMELEC and Smartmatic vote totals up to the precinct level in the internet. Without those, this project won't be possible.

Then, on this document, you can encode/paste the vote totals from the official COMELEC website. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet automatically detects which party wins the district.

With that, the only thing we'd need are vote totals. Once we get those, just encode, and voila, we'd know the party standing for the upcoming 16th Congress.

Be a part of this project that has never been attempted before. Be a part of history. Now, your vote really counts.

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