September 2, 2013

Reader comments: Top 10 national flags you don't want to draw.

Three years ago, I listed the top ten toughest flags to draw. And it is one of the top posts on this blog, and has seen plenty of comments. So let's have another ten! But first, some replies to the comments.

First, the comments! For some reason, most are by anons. To make it easier for everyone, I think Blogger's commenting system allows you to choose a name. Please do so next time!
Anonymous said:

You forgot the Welsh flag... INSULTED.
Which was seconded by another anon:
Surely Wales is number one, you have to draw a freakin dragon!!
There some debate if Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are countries. They are called countries, the same way Alabama, Hawaii and Texas are called states. What's more, unlike Alabama, Hawaii and Texas, they have national teams on most team sports, and on individual sports, most players use their "UK countries" of the "UK" itself, with the Olympics and F1 as the most notable exceptions. So are they countries? Depends on who you ask. Ask yourself: All things considered, which is more similar: Scotland and Quebec, or England and Bhutan?

With that said, that Welsh flag, with the red dragon is a pain in the arse to draw, no doubt about it.

Aussieloverhere said:

have you ever tried to draw a seven pointed star?
Well, no. But perhaps you can create a-seven-pointed asterisk to replace it, the same way people actually draw pentagrams instead of an actual 5-pointed star.

Anonymous said:
Look at serbia, or wales or spain, those weird looking things in the middle, one mistake could get rid of whole thing,
Thanks for this page helped me with a lot of stuff.
Then, eldre456 said:

maybe those are flags that has coat of arms on them or maybe he just missed them :D
I've thought about those coat of arms for a long time, and the original list does include flags that have what could be construed as coat of arms, such as Croatia and Brunei. I've generally avoided flags that have their coat of arms in the middle, as coat of arms, by definition, are impossible to draw by the man on the street.

CanadaONe said:

You forgot the Canadian Flag with that damn maple leaf
Ah yes.

Anonymous said:
This is fucking racist! You gotta be fucking kidding saying The USA flag is harder than the Mexican Flag!
See above, re: coat of arms. Also, drawing 50 stars is tough. Try it.

Anonymous said:
saudi arabia is hard
This is true. If you don't write Arabic. If you do, it's quite easy.

Anonymous said:
Um try South Africa, try remembering all those colors in order, go on... good luck! 
While this is may look tough, you'd only have to remember the colors, and on what part of the flag they go to, You're not drawing anything special here.

Next, the another 10 flags you never want to draw! But first, a preview:

Flag of Bhutan
Hey, it's the Welsh dragon's not-so-famous Asian cousin!

1 comment:

  1. Debate? No debate. Wales is not a country. It is a principality of the United Kingdom.


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