November 14, 2007

NBA 2007-08 not-so-preview-anymore: Central

It's been half a month since the NBA season began and a lot of things happened already: Celts are 6-0, Sonics are 0-8, the Mavs beat the Warriors (hahaha), Kobe having big games (I neeeeed that for my fantasy team), Marbury needs publicity to sell more shoes so he bolted out of the Knicks and so on... but one thing was been bugging T.J. Ford: why are the Bulls in a crappy situation?

As always, lets start with the crappy teams in this division:

Milwaukee - Even the peeps from That '70s Show will be crying, at least they still have the Packers.
Best performance: Super Bowl XLII champs

Indiana - Back in the day - the Reggie Miller days - I used to cheer for this team, too bad MJ was born in the the '60s and the Lakers just had too much money. I don't see this team replicating what those teams of the 90s did, even if they brawled with the Knicks. Tinsley's just a bad PG and Jim O'Brien is just plain bad.
Best performance: AFC Championship Game

Cleveland - LeBron is good, but if he's that good, then he should lead this team back to the Finals. However, management decision not to tamper with the team was a BAD decision. Come on, would you expect LeBron to do that again, and with a much-improved Eastern Conference? Only injuries to their playoff opponents will lead them back to the Finals (which happened last year... Hibachi are you listening?)
Best performance: Conference Finals

Detroit - I dunno, but Central seems to have lost its competitiveness. The Pistons are getting old and the Cavs didn't do anything. And don't forget, Flip chokes. I bet on that last year and I came in second in winning at the bracket game. Not bad, I guess.
Best performance: Conference Semi-Finals

Chicago - Aren't you surprised that I placed them first, with all of the KO-BEE (maybe they want to see The Bee Movie) chants at United Center? If Paxson would make a clutch shot, it'll involve not trading either Deng and Gordon for Kobe. If Pax does that, then I'll forget what he did in the 1993 Finals.
Best performance: NBA Finals

Not-so-pre-season rankings:
1. Boston
2. Chicago
3. Detroit
4. Orlando
5. Cleveland
6. Toronto
7. Miami
8. Washington
9. Atlanta
10. New York
11. New Jersey
12. Indiana
13. Milwaukee
14. Charlotte
15. Philadelphia

1. San Antonio
2. Dallas
3. Phoenix
4. Houston
5. Denver
6. Utah
7. Golden State
8. Memphis
9. L.A. Lakers
10. L.A. Clippers
11. New Orleans
12. Portland
13. Minnesota
14. Sacramento
15. Seattle

There you have it, now since I'd finally finished this series, it's time to point our attention to exploding crap.

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