November 6, 2007

NBA 2007-08 preview: Atlantic

Craplantic? Not anymore. Not with the Celtics around… at least for a couple of years.

Philadelphia - Let’s keep it short and sweet. Trading A.I. was a good move. But expect dividends in a couple of years. In the meanwhile, target the #1 pick.
Best performance: #1 pick in the draft

New Jersey - Keeping VC is a bad idea. Maybe the big city isn’t for him. Maybe Kidd needs a big man. Expect VC to be traded for a big guy, if they can pull it off. Also, Lawrence Frank still sucks.
Best performance: Out of playoffs

New York - The NYC metropolitan area is in a lot of woes lately, the Mets choked on September, the Yanks choked on October, and the Knicks are full of chokers (OK, THEY ARE NOT CHOKERS! Tell that to Isiah). Randolph will still be MVP if they based it on effort, however.
Best performance: Out of playoffs

Toronto - James Naismith was from Canada. Now that would mean Canadians are good hoops players… well at least their team has to be good. The Dinos are a shooting guard away (Kobe are you listening?) from becoming a title contender. In the meanwhile, they should at least make it to the playoffs.
Best performance: Second round

Boston - New England is currently siphoning the powers from NYC. First the Red Sox are champs, the Pats are undefeated and the Bruins… wait aren’t they from SoCal? History will judge if the offseason moves will bear fruit in the long run but for the short term the Celts will emulate Celtic FC from the SPL – win their division.
Best performance: Conference finals

One reason why I kept Boston from entering the Finals is that they have a bad bench and Rondo can be replaced by a better guy. If the Celts trade (if they can trade anyone else) for a PG and some role players, it'll guarantee them a Finals berth. But I don't see them doing so, at least before the all-star break.

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